They really should just release the best colour :man_facepalming:



3 months of ‘better than Nike’ cash before your Axion cheque bounces.


At least they’re aiming high… If I started a 5 a side team I’d want to poach players from Barcelona



they only released 1998 pairs of those reissues, they have to be on the same level as limited release dunks

For Oski? I’m sure they can muster something up until the money runs dry.

Who? Some dudes that used to distrubute Supra and don’t know who Boo Johnson is?

I’d be stunned if that was true. FSR and 1,998 pairs? Really?

im surprised people are buying the other ones.

Definitely. Maybe they only had samples of those, so they sold out of those…

There’s a lot of rich idiots in LA.

I think if there was any money behind it they’d have a team (whose names they actually knew), there would have been video, the other shoe wouldn’t be some Matalan shit and they’d have a proper website without having to use free-to-download fonts.

Just hope Atiba got paid for his time.

I’m interested to know what the full range will be which i guess will be on their site by the end of next week. A few of these might be nice:

Yeah, they’re idiots though. They must have SOME money.

Did you see the canvas shoe, yeah?

Looked like a vane era that would give you even worse blisters.

Such advanced materials weren’t invented at that point.

They’ve made a shoe that vlooks like it came out 30 years before the shoes that people actually care about existed. Like, “OK, we know you like this one, and that’s nice, but what about… THIS one?!”

I guess the factory probably has a template for canvas shitters like that, so it was easy enough to get a pallet of them.

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