Yeah I remember the first Orange label drop had basic colourways and smaller runs, but you didn’t have to enter a raffle to be in with a chance of grabbing a pair.

Spotted some Luciens ‘in the wild’ in Paris. Belong to the restaurant owner.
Transparent blue tho :confused:

You can talk, look at your sandals and nail polish, hehe…


hey, I got pretty toes


I got my first pair of sandals yesterday, stoked on them. My feet aren’t as pretty as spankys though.

Bought my first pair of sandals when I moved to Malta. It was too hot for ankle socks in Summer.
Back on the continent my sandals are at the family countryhouse.
People who wear flip flops in the city are filthy. Those who wear sandals are looking for trouble.

Are they Lucien’s? Hard to tell with the clear blue but they look a bit different.

I got some sandals and I am definitely not looking for trouble as it turns out I can’t run in them. Even scuppered by a light jog.

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I believe they are these.

Oh shit my bad I thought they were Lucien’s

Believe me you ain’t going to sell out


For anyone going to Paris: just been wandering around and not specifically looking for sneaker stores. There are 2 absolute bangers here though:

Starcow: this one’s an old favourite but has a real old school crate diggers feel to it. Like bitd! Compact little store with stacks of random shoes that aren’t the latest shit releases, lots of sale stuff. I loved it.

Shinzo: this place is amazing. Huge and loads of latest releases but more importantly classics, like infra red am1s, neon green am 95s, all at reasonable prices. Over original price obvs but didn’t feel like they were price gouging.

No pics, sorry.


Not 100% sure but I think Starcow has strong ties to street culture since back in the day. Could be wrong.

These are so silly you have to respect Reebok for actually making them.

I know somebody with a pair of Reebok Kung-Fu Panda Pump.

It’s my 18-month old daughter, and I’m pretty sure even she thinks they’re a bit too much.


Looks like Berra or a Berra employee felt the need to start a Slap account to say how cool Cariuma is.


“I saw my first pair in the wild the other day, I asked the kid if they were any good. The kid told me that they skated okay, but when he bought them he thought they were on sale, ordered them online and they only sent him one shoe. He had to go back and order the left shoe separately. turns out the “sale” was that you only buy one shoe”



“looks like a fuckin shuttlecock”

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Ugly plus too much advertisement seals the deal for me. No thanks.

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Well this didn’t need to happen

Look away now if you like sk8 Hi’s

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