“Cariuma’s marketing department loves starting threads about how much we hate Cariuma’s marketing department.”



New shoe day. Glad I didn’t order the Tiagos because they fit completely differently to how I’d been told they would.


is that not a Tiago then?

I half-sized up in them and they fit fine, but they’re way more sturdy than most other shoes out just now. Those white and gum and sick.

I think jon is saying that they’re glad they went and bought them in the flesh, rather than ordered them online, as they’d have got the sizing wrong if that was the case?


That is exactly what I’m trying to say!


If they had steel toe caps I’d fully believe they were my work’s new order of PPE. Absolutely grim.

My personal rule of thumb is if it’s on Hype Beast it’s a bit wank/gross/distasteful/not very nice*

*delete as appropriate

Tiago 1010s are sick!

Buzzing got a pair of the Parra Dunks. Its starting again boys … too many fucking shoes!

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Sick. Are you going to put them on your feet or sell them for a massive profit to some numb nut?

This is not a thing.

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Save em for best

Those Tiagos are the best looking shoe out IMO. so dope. Annoyingly I think they’d look stupid on me, but I kinda want to get some just to look at haha.

Are they quite chunky on foot?

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No they are way less bulky than I thought. About as slim as a dunk I’d say. I’ve been wearing them about today and they are super comfortable. I can see more in my future.

Pictured while fireplace shopping. Just like Tiago does…


I thought they were…

That’s quite chunky by today’s standards.

I know it’s not, you can never have enough!

Gunna save them like I wish I had done with all the old dunks I used to have. Unfortunately I was a skint student for a few years as some of you may remember from N26.

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Please refer to the scale of chonk


Nice!!! Definitely depends on your parameters.

Yeah you’re right about the Tiagos feeling super stiff and solid. I assume they won’t go all floppy and subside like a dunk does after you’ve skated them a bit.

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