Quick look at the dunks I’ve skated in in the past reveals nothing over about £800 on StockX, which is still pretty alarming. There’s a pair I can’t sell on here for nearly 500!

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I stocked up on dunks back a few years ago when they were on outlet sale racks and going for under retail on eBay before the whole craze now days… some I’ve sold and for a decent profit (2-3x retail) when I needed the extra cash, and some I just can’t part with yet for the fact they will only go up in price over the years to come

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Big Lidl drop this week.

Nicer than some skate shoes tbf.

Easily better than Axion pt2


Seems most people either love these or hate them, I can’t get enough of them I’m not sure what it is I’m not even really into straps but I can’t wait to get them on my feet

BA clip at 24:10

Saw this on my oat milk this morning and it made me think of Cariuma :cold_sweat:.

Although I accept that most of Cariuma’s ethical claims are pure marketing BS, it made me question whether brands have a responsibility to communicate more about how they work and to make efforts to improve their sourcing and labour policies. I googled this website that ranks brands according to how much they ‘officially’ do to be ethical from source materials to sales.

One of the top rated ethical shoe brands:

The main players are all rated on there and adidas do better than the other major brands, mainly based on making statements and commitments rather than officially doing anything different.

Cariuma are rated ‘Good’. Emerica/Etnies are rated as ‘Avoid’ simply because they don’t have any evidence (in the form of official statements/press releases I presume?) of doing things ethically.

So my question is…should every brand be doing this? Will they all eventually be forced to? Does it actually make any difference?

adidas have ‘unisex’ clothes now, where the girls’ sizes are ‘oversized’. So I’m pretty sure it’s just men’s inventory with a different description.

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I wonder how much simple stuff like that reduces waste? It sounds kind of sensible for mass produced clothing.

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My wife’s startup is addressing this imbalance as most fashion companies are self policing with regard to their ethical claims. They are researching each company and providing a way people can shop ethically/sustainably for fashion products in a way that can be independently measured and accurately compared to others


Interesting… how are they doing the research? A lot of companies keep everything secret and then you fall into the trap of having to rate non-declaring companies (like for example Supreme) lower than companies that (perhaps cynically) declare their eco-credentials like Cariuma.

Seems like if this trend continues it will eventually force every company to be pro-active rather than taking the say nothing route.

Fuck knows, I’ll ask her when she gets home

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That’s really interesting, who are her customers? Is it like a consultancy gig for retailers? I imagine ethical stuff like that is pretty hard to monetize so props to her

It’s a tricky one as sustainability is one of their ‘things’ but obviously they need to generate income somehow. So people/consumers will be signposted or given alternative choices to what they are purchasing to something ethically ‘better’, and then making money from the referral (I think). There’s a lot of interest and have some major labels on board but still a long way to go. They are launching in France as their first market, I think Nordics next.


Does she have a desk at the Berrics?


That’s kind of what the site I linked to is doing:

Just noticed the tongue label on the Reynolds Half Cabs, what a bummer. They got the toe right and then fucked up the tongue label. So close.

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 12.48.04


I recall Etnies/Sole Tech starting their Plant a Tree campaign a few years back, which I think they’re still doing. Plus, they have experimented with all synthetic shoes, sustainable glue and a few other similar developments in the past.

Yeah I knew this and checked their website but there’s absolutely nothing on there to prove they have delivered on what they set out to do way back.

They do say this though :smiley:

“Sole Technology answers to a greater calling: the future of action sports, humanity and our planet.”

I did find more info here but I’m just googling stuff. It’s why I asked Spanky how his wife is researching her take on how sustainable companies are. I have no idea what they website I was linking to above is doing.

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