I had a pair of etnies Langstons I believe they were called and that’s exactly how I felt the whole time in them, shoulda just bought the vans

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Supply and demand.


Exactly why I have all my dunks chillin for now

Someone on here liked es quattros. Can’t remember who

Are they true to size? I wear swifts quite a lot but get them down a half size. Anyone tried both?


@jwdharris16 if my memory isn’t mush.


Man swifts are my 2nd favorite skate sneaker swear by those shoes

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Ah nice, we have some choice OG’s. post a pic, would love to see.
We bought a load of Masterpiece models. Basically they are what the OG’s should have been if the cartoons came before the toys.

Leave it with me, will sort it out later!

I suggest half a size up fo sho.

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@Londonskater @nazoreth yep, that’s me! Fucking love that shoe.

I’d recommend going half a size up in the Quattro. With the Swift I always stick to my usual size.

Purchased these today:


Wtf those are put now??? I want!

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Hmm that’s difficult. If I go half a size down normally for es shoes do I just do the same for quattros? Argh

I’d definitely go half a size bigger than you usually would get.

I’m a 9, and I have had Quattros were a 9 and they were a little bit too snug on my toes and didn’t flex as much as I needed them to.

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Finally they’re back!

With a tiny little clip of nothing, that looks like it was done on a phone app. Promising!

No word as yet from @supraskateboarding though.


Only supras I ever had/skated (same design but black and white) and they were pretty good to be honest the suede was quality but then again I never went back to the brand but I remember them skating really good

I’m 100%not supporting a comeback though

Unless it’s ipath

Anyone know a good place to get Globes? Used to use Supereight but their stock isn’t as varied as it used to be

Ccs has some

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