I had to look up ‘Rick roll’ as I had no clue what you meant. First thought was it was an unpopped Rick flip.


There used to be an El Toro (or other large stairs) Rick Roll many,many years ago. Likely lost somewhere on the internet in 2024.

The use of the word “build” is insane. It’s not a fucking hotrod or a guitar or a house. You’re choosing some complimentary colours and it’s a 15 minute task to whack it together. jeez


You know exactly the kind of people those ‘build’ guys are at the skatepark. Crowd around each other sheepishly in full pads with old shaped boards. Soul patch. Scratch a frontside carve and maybe a below-the-lip bs air. Brand new car with indy iron cross/ripper sticker on back window, etc


Skateboard reenactment cosplayers.


I have 2 board “builds” to be honest, Ha. I did post them on here when I did them. Nostalgia and display but it’s no big deal and doesn’t warrant a YT video to show it off. It’s just pretty house clutter.

Unfortunately yes. There was a guy that used to skate at Hemel who was the most insufferable, self important, patronising column of dick meat you’ve ever seen who would routinely rock up with awful reissues, chuck taylors, a helmet with a mohawk attached, surfer crosses stiched to his denim vest snake everybody and just do endless backside carves 3 ft below the coping with his hands behind his back crouched down like he was surfing. He would bring his fuckwit kid with him who was wearing exactly the same micro Duane outfit and once started crying because people were doing flip tricks in the transition and “it isnt real skateboarding”

I wish I was joking.


The use of the word ‘build’ is interesting. Because ‘building’ (i.e. spending a few minutes bolting on some trucks, wheels and 80s plastic skidplates) is probably the main physical interaction they have with their board. Also, the more boards they have, the less time they spend actually riding them.

Ive got issue with guys that use “build” when they mean “assemble” a guitar. If you’re just buying bits and screwing them together you’re not a builder imo

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Yep that’s an issue too!

my blood pressure is rising


I like bungle’s build.

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Fuck me, if this isn’t the best sentence I’ll hear this week, I’ll eat my Independent Iron Cross Trucker Cap


2 rigs, Brexit Island and non Brexit continent.

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You have literally just described a mate of mine to the tee. Even the soul patch!


I had to google soul patch, weird I didn’t know.


I should point out that he’s a good dude though and did recently front smith the pool at Rom.


RIP Steve Bayless


Yep - there’s a world of difference between people who collect weird old-school boards, and people who rip on weird old-school boards.

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It always makes me smile to see that logo… is it at St Neots?

I didn’t know Steve very well, but chatted online a bit and hung out with him at the Lowestoft Skatepark opening jam (which Google tells me was in 2009).

A really nice man.