Skateboards for me and my 6 year old

I’ve spoken to David at June store in Leigh on Sea he’s going to build a decent starter for me and my boy.

This is skate park in Brentwood is about 15 minutes down the road from me and looks pretty decent:

I have a confession to make, i think I’m doing this more for me than my boy :slight_smile: :rofl:


FFS, i just drove all the way to fucking Leigh on Sea, tried to get parked for 40 minutes, lost my rag and came home.

The worlds gone mad i’ve never seen somewhere so busy.

Support a shop they say, bollocks internet it is!

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Yeah, it’s the last day before lockdown.

Just don’t Internet route scum


This. Anything you find on route one you’ll find somewhere legit for the tiniest bit more expensive. Fuck them


What’s the crack with Route One, why universally hated?

Big corporate entity that bulk buys and undercuts real skate shops. Not particularly welcome in UK skateboarding

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I think others can give personal stories and other reasons but the one that comes to mind is that they opened stores in towns where there were existing skateshops and slurped up all the customers meaning the homegrown SOS stores closed down. But they have diluted stock and sell all kinds of crap and don’t really have any knowledge in the shops about actual skateboarding.

Like walk in and ask which wheelbase would better suit your height, or why the similarity in truck geometry between Independent and ACE and you’ll be met with blank stares.

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I spoke to Skatehut about a board for my 6 year old, most unhelpful, all they’d say is any board between 7 and 7.5 inches will do

Leigh on Sea/June Store are doing click and collect…
Probably mellower down there today.

Go/talk to a skater-owned shop and they’ll be able to help you far more and sell you something suited to you, rather than their bank account.

Such as legacy

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Don’t want to start a R1 debate but, how would someone who has no idea about skateboarding and just wants to get something semi decent to try out, know what is or isn’t a skater owned shop? Or care

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Maybe the forum should have a sticky thread with a list of skater owned shops in different parts of the country and what to do if you’re new at/interested in skateboarding?


That’s a good idea

That would defo be helpful!

Link to most SOSs in the above thread


blast skates pre-order for their little completes back up tomorrow morning !

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Might get one of these for me. Err I mean my little one. Do they have proper grip or that soft stuff?

Slam have got the soft top ones. Got an enjoi one here and it’s great.