Yeah, it’s Star Wars where Force sensitive people can feel how strong the other is with the force… Vader on the first encounter with Luke “The Force is strong with this one!”… while in different Ships zooming through space!!! Vader always knew he was more powerful than anyone else. He only died because he took his suit off.

The only thing I can think of, is she sensed he knew… so had no choice.

I think at that point she wasn’t thinking at all. She saw him there and thought of nothing other than what she’d had in the back of her mind for 10 years. Her being a youngling back during order 66 makes her, what, max 23 or 24 while all this is happening? More likely under that. Also she watched everyone she knew be murdered by him, and has had to metaphorically eat his shit and smile about it ever since while never revealing the extent of her trauma. I think it makes total sense that she’d just see him alone with his back turned and think “well, now or never, I guess”. The message of the episode is “if you fight solely for victory, you’ll fail” and, like Anakin in his practices with Obi-Wan, her judgement was clouded by her past, and her desire to be victorious over Vader at the cost of everything else.

Obi Won played some slick mental chess/ Jedi mind tricks on her though

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Yeh. I also think she took Obi-Wan at his word that Vader would be distracted by finally getting Obi-Wan, like he said… slight of hand. Obi-Wan wasn’t lying he just knew Anakin better and how to use that info, she didn’t. There should be no dead space in a script… things don’t just happen because… they are there to move the plot forward or an idea planeted for a future scene.

Well Vader flexed his “force “ powers and shows everyone he’s the Mike Tyson/Bruce lee of the day. Can’t fuck with him.

One thing tho . That second ship must have been under a rock cos fuck knows it wasn’t right next to the first one .


In all my years I’ve only just realised these are my initials too. Alway just been “Star Wars “ to me


I really can’t get in to it because everything about it is annoying me.

It looks really budget, like a mid-level Netflix show. It’s also really fucking dark, visually. There’s scenes where I may as well be looking at a black screen. There’s one scene in particular this episode where Ben comes through a door after the grenade has gone off and the scene transition makes everything a normal light level for a split second then it goes back to being overly dark again. Why?

Also, the bit where Leia fixes her droid: ‘what are you doing here’ ‘oh, that’s better’ was so dumb and badly written.

Vader’s fight with the inquisitor was cool, but the whole thing just feels really budget to me. I really wanted to enjoy this series but I’m not.

Yeah they’re a few problems with it for sure…

Me and my brother are definitely on the agreement that this didn’t need to be made, adds nothing to the saga and is pretty much just a huge nostalgia blast.

The final duel was pretty epic to be fair, in giving fans a good Vader vs Obi-Wan fight, unlike their first encounter in this and the old man Death Star duel in A New Hope and not to be confused with Anakin vs Obi-Wan in the prequel. The same way they gave fans their Luke moment in Mando.
So much to tie up in the final 15 or so mins, some of it felt rushed. The final scene with Leia also felt like they finally just said fuck it and wiped their arses on A New Hope script all together, but maybe it didn’t? Need to watch it again. Ended with a strong tease on a second series already in the works too.

I felt like it ended as a closed story.
Or did I miss something?

It was a good episode. Just a bit tough to see on a bright day like today.


Going off with Qui Gon Jinn, like they were off on more adventures and learning, haha. It also wrapped it up so that he didn’t really need to be on Tatooine as much any more and could go to different places as well.

I enjoyed it. Yep, problems for sure but Obi Wan vs Vader was cool and overall had some alright moments.

The whole Reva vs Luke story line was meh. Why even bother, unless you just want an Aunt Beru is Badass show to spin off from this :joy:

The Vader vs Obi Wan was cheesy until it wasn’t. They definitely managed to fix most of the canon after a few things fucked it up in earlier episodes.

Finally watched the finale. Overall I think the series was fine. Didn’t add anything really but didn’t take anything away. And I really enjoyed the Obi Wan and Vader battle in the last episode.

With a character like Obi Wan it’s always gonna be hard to live up to expectation, and I feel the only way it could of is if it had been set Clone Wars era. But we have the clone wars tv show so is it all that necessary?

Something I hate to admit is that I don’t find myself getting giddy over Star Wars these days. The last trilogy really killed that for me. Especially Rise of Skywalker. For all the shit the prequels get at least their was a rough plan, and they added to the overall story. The final trilogy went nowhere and did nothing and there were so many plot holes and bad ideas it’s a joke.

Anywho back to OWK - it was fine. That’s it.


Yeah, this. A good watch.

And of those newer films, you are right. TFA was fun but Rogue One was really the only good one…

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Rogue One was great. Solo - alright - but I went in with low expectations. Anything within the “skywalker saga” was fucked by JJ and KK and that’s why Rogue One stands out. Same universe, same goings on around it, but from a different point of view with new characters.

Jon Fav and Dave Filloni have saved it a bit recently with Mando and BOBF.

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I enjoy Solo far more that I should and I’ve liked it more on repeat viewings. Really regretted not going to the cinema to see it, but the release wasn’t that long after that horrible one in the middle of the last three

The next new Star Wars TV series is based around Rouge One, ‘Andor’ (Captain Cassian Andor from Rouge One), so there is still time for Disney to mess it up yet!

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