Yes, nice one mate.

Thanks guys! Stoked me out, even if I don’t get it.

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Deactivated facebook finally, not that it was used but still managed to keep messenger working. Feeling good, not thought about the wife for nearly a week since I switched off after she revealed herself being a complete selfish cunt in a phonecall.
Had no intention of moving on as far as other people for at least 6 months + but been chatting with someone and it feels great.


Out of sight, out of mind is a possessive step to just getting on with everyday things, I think.

Mate when my first wife left to fly back to Australia I was on Plenty of Fish before she’d even got to the bottom of the stairs. Best thing you can do sometimes. Although possibly not now. Unless you do phonesex at each other.

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Good luck with it all.
May I recommend getting on tinder and finding all the newly divorced girls from your year at school.


May I recommend taking your time…

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Ah fuck, forgot about the whole pandemic for a bit there.

Haha, yeah, I just wanted to talk to someone that didn’t know my situation and the people involved and spoke to a good few but unfortunately many people are crazy damaged and have not moved on from whatever. Getting on well with one person though, and it might not go anywhere, no intention of forcing something, especially not this early, that’s utter bonkers. But it definitely feels good to have turned that corner.

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Tax return submitted. Also posting this in “Not Stoked”


Sis covid test came back negative, my ear infection is slowly going and I can sleep peacefully again, somehow I was placed on a call back list I wasn’t aware of by the audiologist (It’s been closed for ages with COVID going on) and I got an appointment booked for a week’s time to be seen.

To top it off I got through to HMRC to push on this potential fraud claim where someone’s basically cashed my refund cheque from over a year and I’m hoping, hoping this will be the last thing I need to do on this matter…


Found some Penny footage that nobody has ever seen the other night.
Haven’t looked at the tape for 26 years.
So so drunk when filming it so don’t expect too much but still…


Made an order with Slam, they rang with an issue that was sorted over the phone with ease.
Good boys.
Not a big thing but any positive experience with customer service and web orders are not to be sniffed at.

It’s Friday, I’ve got crisps and I’m gonna roll a spliff.


Had the day off for little man’s birthday but managed to squeeze in an hour for some guitar fiddling, got some new socks and built some Lego with him. We’re watching Despicable Me on the sofa and he wants nuggets for dinner. Good day


Oh mate.

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Got the workmen in doing our patio ( midlife ) which means they have to look at me sitting on the sofa in my boxers and attempting to home school the kids all day. It’s just nice to see some people really


Let’s see it then?

Obvs. I’ve just converted it from 8mm to mini DV - still need to capture and edit it into a clip mind. I’ll upload it to YouTube when I have as you don’t have Insta and mine’s private so can’t post as an embed on here.



Just got home to the other half confessing to useing GT84 as furniture polish… Mmmmmm smells so good in here.

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