Last time I wore a suit to an interview I got told to take my tie off as my formal outfit made the interviewer feel bad haha. Got the job though. Better to be over dressed than under!

If unsure, you can’t really go wrong with a shirt/jumper/chinos and smart shoes.


Nothing says professional like a Onesie

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So to be clear, you have to choose either a shirt or a jumper or chinos with smart shoes.

Yes. Depending on if you think the interviewer prefers bums or nipples.

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Iv got some all black high Last Resorts?

Mate, pisstaking aside, if you had to go into a client meeting what would you wear? Id go with chinos, a button up shirt and shoes/smartish trainers for an interview. You’re not going for banking so doubt you’d need to be suited up. Aim for smart but comfortable.

Check glassdoor or linkedin or similar for details on the sort of office theyre running and go from there


Thanks mate. Last one was a long time ago and I wore a suit, and it stresses me out being dressed like that if it’s not a wedding.

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I work in law (in a small firm) and for an interview we expect people to come in looking smart but not as formal as a suit. So, clean well fitting jeans and a shirt or chinos/dickies and a shirt or some smart trousers (think suit trousers but cheaper and comfier) and a shirt. Shoes wise it depends on your trousers, but a pair of clean trainers would be fine. Don’t feel like you need to wear a suit unless its a big firm with ageing management.

I know law and ecommerce are quite different industries but if law has relaxed to smart casual I would asssume most industries have.

Hope that helps!


The only industry Ive found to still insist on suit and ties have been underwriting. Theyre not renowned for relaxing

Jeez, I would have thought an interview for law would be your Sunday best. Noted.

I was at a big recruitment firm for a bit (doing tech, not recruiting) and they only ditched the blue suit, clean shave, tidy haircut rule quite recently. it was pretty wanky.

They recruited for insurance and finance, headhunting for hedge fund types and actuaries etc. They said they wanted it to look like a hedge fund, they only changed when clients started getting freaked out by the suits.

It depends on the company, you have to get a feel for them to judge what’s best. Some people will still want suits for interviews. It’s also not weird to ask what to wear, especially if going through a recruiter.


Big firms and corporate law absolutely its still the sunday best approach. I suppose it depends on the owner/workplace culture. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a suit to the office and I’ve been here for 4 years. Most days I’m wearing flannel shirts, jeans and vans or new balance.

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Id be pissed if I had to shave my big fuck off beard for a shit job only to then grow it back once I start.

Im tattooed and rarely was clean shaven when I was customer facing but I was always presentable. The idea of being better at your job because your shoes and belt match and youve cut the hair off your face every morning is fucking stupid

Can have a pint in a pub garden on Monday and can also get a hair cut. I am stoked on this.

What fun things are you lot doing once we’re allowed out again.


Yeah I’m customer facing and bearded, tattooed and trainered every day. By principle mostly.

Only once have I ever regretted it, at a client site in the UAE, suddenly get called into the COOs office, private lift, marble floor, gold plated everything. EVERYONE in $10k suits. I’m in a shit unironed plaid shirt, battered Nikes, hungover and looking like shit. They needed me to present something, I nearly shat my pants. Luckily it went ok and I managed to joke my way out of it. So scary though.

@Load was there but he just got to chill on his own while I was getting grilled haha

I still refuse to wear a suit.


I want a pint of Guinness and to spar with my mates again

I really miss Friday after work pints but not enough to start commuting again. Will have to make real riends.

Going up a proper fucking hill. None of this rolling fields nonsense, I plan on getting my bike up a proper big bastard rocky mountain as soon as I can.

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