My bro works at a micro brewery and they opened up their courtyard for some drinks so I had a few pints. Seen my nephew for the second time who is 1 now.
Nice afternoon, feel a little happy squiffy so might have half hour nap.


Was just walking by the river in London and saw a dude pop an ollie over a massive dog turd. Near Fosters and Partners by Battersea Bridge if that was anyone on here or they see this - legend.


Yesterday was a pretty good day.
Bought some paint with some gift vouchers I got from work as some kind of Covid bonus, started painting my grind box, went skating, learnt a trick I wanted to do since the mid 90s, went back home, finished painting my grind box with a couple good beers. During the evening one of my childhood heroes sent me a DM on Insta, a picture of a rad spot his brother took in the sticks, where I grew up. Pretty random but a nice surprise.
Skateboarding is good for the soul.


I was umming and ahhing getting a Mini DV deck or a Video Walkman for a long time, even after going tapeless last year and knowing it wouldn’t get much use…But I still have tapes I want to go through and possibly one day, do a crates or something.

So yeah I bought one with some goodies over the weekend (AC Adaptor, a Sony NP battery and a mains adaptor for the Walkman).

But it’s so rad, like I really wish I bought one when I was filming with tape just so I could use it at the spot or something. I don’t care if it doesn’t get used loads, I just love old tech as I’m a nerd haha.


Just booked in for my first COVID jab!


Love this channel for all that, forgotten formats and suchlike:


Ah yes Techmoan! Big fan, love his vid on the Lidl turntable and stuff on Video-8 as well.

The 8-Bit Guy is another favourite for that type of thing.

Same here - first on on Tuesday, second in July. Kinda excited tbh.

How old are you @Brewer ?

I’m 32 mate. Was able to get it as my wife is on immunosuppressants. Glad to get under way for sure, even though I’m shit scared of needles!

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Looks like some international travel is on the cards again: Just been booked onto a work trip to New Zealand at the end of May. Going to be a blast going through near-empty international terminals without the shadow of illness hanging over everything.

Just don’t look at this fucking needle and think about your next post-skate pint of Guinness.

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You know me too well!

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This is a weird thing to be stoked about but today I tweaked my ankle. Its the same ankle that I brutally destroyed back in January and its only just fully recovered. I’m stoked because I’ve been terrified of injuring it again and today’s tweak did nothing - feels more or less fine and still strong

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Painted my grind box.

Viens toucher du bois means come touch wood.


Copped this bad boy for FREE (just paid postage) after a mate tipped me off. Purity are a cracking local(ish) brewery too - very tasty ale.

I have instructed Mrs G to clear some room in the fridge, although I can’t see it lasting long!


Guessing it was brewed to be sold at Villa Park, and it’s about to go out of date, so sell it off sharpish?

Not that the date matters, I’m sure once that’s open it’ll be gone way before the recommended three days are up.

That is the most Continental thing I have ever seen. I mean this as a compliment btw.

The devils piss right there

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Hahaha, thanks!

What makes it so continental?

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