Happy birthday to our illustrious leader @Spanky :partying_face: :champagne: :clinking_glasses:

Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, hope you have a great day!


HBD! @Spanky

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Happy Birthday @Spanky !

Mines in a couple of weeks, just looking into booking a sensory deprivation tank

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Happy birthday @Spanky! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Happy birthday spankster

Happy Birthday mayne.

happy birthday, o forum overlord.

Thanks everyone :pray::pray::pray:

Back in Tallinn now, 3 hours sleep but great to see the kids again

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Been ont piss?

Nah travelling. Got home at midnight, couldn’t sleep till 2 then kids woke us up at 5. Back to the grind!

But Jesus in a much better place and not so grumpy, really needed a rest


Good shit mate, just try and be positive and focus on one problem at a time and what you can actually do about. Little man had us up at 4.45 …. Super excited for work! Haha

Ref sensory deprivation tanks. Did 1 hr at the one in Birmingham. Didn’t hallucinate, or fall asleep or see my own death or anything but did come out feeling the most relaxed I’ve ever been. Well worth a go.


Thats exactly what I want!



urgh, I got dragged to this bollocks a couple of years ago. my ex came out crying and had some sort of revelation about her life. my experience was just boredom in a luke warm bath while whale song played for an hour.
but have it, that might be what you need.


As a parent I just like the idea of an uninterrupted bath for an hour

Fixed that for you


I’m pretty sure they’d not have you back if you took a dump in there.


Gap in the market for a really high end toilet in a padded sound proof locked room, with silk toilet paper and a nearby phone charger. Maybe a coffee table nearby with a selection of old RADs and Sidewalks on it (in transparent covers for wiping clean).

Dads pay to go in for an hour. Goldmine.


Went to Minehead on the weekend to film.

Most of the spots are still there, but some of the good ledges are gone so we had to put a lot of work in to make a few of the others skateable. Got a lot of footage.

Around 10 people asked us what we were doing and why we were in Minehead. All of them genuinely really interested and excited to see us skate and film there which was really nice to see.

I also asked one of the cafes for a double scoop ice cream, they gave me four scoops for the same price. I was incredibly stoked.


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