This. Exactly.

Chocolate and chilli is dope.
So is chocolate and ginger.

I’m gonna be well Bish but I’ve done the beef stew with (a hint of) dark chocolate thing and it was pretty good. You don’t feel the chocolate itself in the end but it does add something pretty damn good to the whole thing.

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Raw chocolate grated into a Moroccan tagine type stew that has dried fruit with lamb would be good. It would add a touch of bitterness rather than just sweet.

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Yeah proper cocoa rich chocolate would make a decent ingredient. Anything sugary would be shit

Lets be honest, its not 100% raw cacao he’s using is it? Its a twix on a Tesco value Margarita


In a Shwarma with thousand island dressing.


It was choco buttons on a M&S cheese pizza I’ll have you know!


I stand corrected Raymond Blanc


I want to pick your brains @Bish. Do you share your creations with your better half or does she leave you to it?

I reckon Bish might actually be pregnant


Nah she refuses to try any of them! She generally refuses to be in the room when I eat my sarnies as she thinks they look horrible and make her feel sick.

I only cook sarnie combos a few times a month so it’s all good, I promise I eat fairly normally on a day to day basis. Still covered in mayo but fairly normally…



@Bish do you lift and Sarnie day is your cheat day?

I do no exercise bar skating/footy but I do consider the mega sarnies as a treat!

Pre Christmas stoke: found a practically brand new 24inch bmx for a super reasonable amount.

Tonight’s stoke: went out for a post dinner evening bmx ride on it with my 7 year old step son in tow to scope out some local skate spots and ended up bombing around together jumping off curb cuts and generally having a laugh. Great times.


What did you get? I’ve always fancied a cruiser but the prices on eBay are always silly money.

2021 DK cygnus 24.

The injection moulding marks were still on the tyres and somehow I got it for 50% off rrp at a secondhand shop.

So today involved more bombing around the streets and then two bmx tracks…

Kids get obsessed easily and I’m exhausted.


We now sponsor the local Leeds women’s football team Hyde Park FC

Very stoked on this!


Thats dope! Is there anyway to cop one of those kits?

Saw Osteopath this morning, sorted out a load of tense muscle and my neck. Sore now but I’m hoping that I’ll be good to skate before the weekend. It’s been months since I last got out but I’m hoping I’ve not lost too much, even then just some basic 5050’s and fs/bs power slides will cheer me up!

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