Enjoy boss man! Presume Estonia isn’t locking down again then.

Yeah looks like it is soon

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Well enjoy your date day! What you doing?

Personal Stoke, got the little man the Lego skatepark for his birthday. Hope he likes it.

Does she like shrooms ?


If she’s not a fan of sci-fi, good luck. It’s pretty slow and meandering. Could’ve made it shorter, with bigger/longer battle scenes and moved the slow story along a bit faster. Looks great on the cinema screen though.

My missus loved it and she’s not a fan of sci-fi.
Can’t even do a star war.

Interesting. I just got back from watching it with my 9YO son a couple of hours ago and we both thought it was a bit underwhelming. He was definitely expecting more epic battles.

Ha, can understand how a 9 year old might not be so interested in intergalactic geopolitics or cosmic jihad. There’s loads of good explosions and noises though!

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Ended up bar crawling and drinking a shit ton of red with wife

Needed that


So stoked on loads of things from today that I can’t tell anyone about yet!

Edit: No, the missus isn’t prego.

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Finally got my proper stereo set up, and cleared enough space in the room so I can listen. Fuck, after years of Google speakers due to having so little space in our tiny old house I’d forgotten the sheer, unadulterated joy of just sitting and really listening to music.

It’s nothing fancy at all, but I’ve been stacking tracks from Nina Simone (Feeling Good = shivers) to Dinosaur Jr, Wu Tang, Alex Reece, Mountain Goats, Johnny Cash, Kate Bush, Portishead, American Football… Basically anything that came into my head. I can see myself spending a lot of time in here while the Mrs watches TV.

TLDR; music is fucking great, proper kit makes it even better.


Pics or it didn’t happen.

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Pay day today and already spent like £150 on gig tickets for next year. Haven’t been to a gig since March 20, so I’m overcompensating in 2022.


Will rectify later.

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