Was on a family holiday in Florida and picked this up at a mall. Previous board was a fibreglass ‘Holy Sport’ board, bit like a Penny board.

First upgrade were white SC Bullet 66s, they were SO fast compared. And absolutely massive.


That looks like it weighs about 5kg

In St. Albans?

Sure was! I was like that kid in a sweet shop the first time I went in there. Can still remember the smell of the engine oil from the motorbikes from the main shop when you first walked in.

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I asked my dad for a new (proper board) for Christmas. Luckily he seen my brother (Navitronic) in Exeter and he helped him choose. Was a boarding house shop deck, candy red ventures and reaction wheels. I can remember snapping both kingpins in the space of a week and sending my mum out to get me some new ones each time.

Was stoked to see that boarding house was still there when I was last down that way

I always found Royal trucks top notch. They performed amazing. They were just not the strongest out there, could break hangers once ground through a bit, very much like Thunders. They are just not core like indy, thunder, venture.
I have tried so many trucks and hated every single one apart from Thunder and Royal although I could get used to venture if I forced myself.

I literally have no memory of this.

My brain is broken.

I think that Tim, the main BMX owner that everyone knew sold it a while back.

I had a Pacer Transplant. Rad inverse concave… It did the job though for a bit.

Think this was my second decent board after a Brand X no pro

Had many, complained little.

Ah fair enough

Magical place

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Must be 19-20 years ago now

Had my first skate on Monday since November after having two eye surgeries. Haven’t lost all my (two) tricks. Was rad to be ablate skate again !


off to mallorca in the morning to skate spots from lost and found only


That could be a cool concept.
I remember it being done once in the past but re-creating parts could be fun.

P Rod done it with his street cinema part. Was on the berrics few years ago. Was just the list of trucks he recreated.

Also think I’ve skated more this year then I did the whole of 2019. Just looking at the window and going ooh it’s dry and have a 10min sesh flat ground sesh near the house.

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Yeah, stoked the light nights are creeping back in and even heard evening birds chirping away too.

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It turns out it’s only the first 4 series :frowning_face:

Admittedly the fourth series is the best one but its still not ideal and watching adverts sucks.

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