OOF at the prices on chairs, was gonna ask you for a trade price on an Eames lounge chair.

Congrats though, looks slick.

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Does the “H” slightly resemble a “K”?

Edit: forgot props and congrats.


Haha. A little, logo and colours picked before I joined so say what you want :wink:

Thanks for the stokens everyone!


at those prices I think it resembles a C more

You can pick up decent quality replicas for about 10% of the cost on Ebay or through a shop somewhere. The one I have cost about £700 I think - seemed the price almost doubled during the year coming up to when I eventually got it.

Slick site, quality products.

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That’s the reason the non purchasable products are priced to stop pointless enquiries for stuff people can’t afford.

It’s expensive but when you’ve sat in a proper chair to work in you will know why.

Nah I know, was just joking innit. Quality costs money but at that level of business mark up needs to be decent otherwise there is no point. You’re dealing with a different class of customer/business so it is what it is.
I always wanted an Eames Lounger in tan though. You can get real cheap ones but they look and feel shit. The ones Ciaran talks about are nice enough though.

Crossover kids / parenting and stoked thread.
Came down to Cornwall in the early hours of this morning to avoid Bank Holiday traffic and knowing the kids would be asleep throughout.
That worked out perfectly.
Been a really nice day and it was amazing to see my 1yr old experience a beach and the sea for the first time.
All that space for he and his 6yr old brother to just let loose in.


That’s great! I bet it was amazing to see the reactions.
We’re heading to Cornwall later in the year, can’t wait to see what our 1 year old makes of it!
Fingers crossed for lots of sleeping on the drive down.

When our daughter was that age. We would travel through the night. Set off before bedtime and she would sleep in the car. My Mrs would be in the back and feed her if she needed it etc. And then just transfer her into bed on arrival

That’s a really good tip. It’s a battle between leaving early or leaving around bedtime then!

Sucked for me drivin through the night. But roads were quiet, our son hates the car. For him its best to set off when he is due a nap and then he will fall asleep. He doesnt like being awake in the car, but there isnt enough room between the 2 car seats for my Mrs to sit this time around.

It seems it was the most fun he’s had yet because removing him from a small puddle to splash in lead to the biggest and most unusual meltdown we’ve ever experienced with him.
He’s usually pretty chilled about things and can easily be distracted back into a cheerful state.
Not this time.
Probably a full 20 minutes of intense crying at volume level 12.

Dropped in on a mini ramp for the first time ever today. After a few months of skating I’m finally starting to feel like I’m making progress. Ok, it was only like 3ft and I crashed on the other side of the ramp, but still pretty stoked to get over the fear of launching myself forward.


Been back on my board for a couple of weeks now and am taking babysteps to just get comfortable again. Dropped in the bowl the other day and worked my way up to the largest safe drop (NB The bowl was designed by an idiot) and did it. Stoked!



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meth here. only gone and finally joined this fucking thing haven’t i

wag1 everyone hope you’re all good


Good to have you here mate.

Yes!! Welcome back meth

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