28th this month. Swanky ad agency place.

Only issue is its down the Bay which is the other side of town so its going to be a long sweaty skate to get there or a horrible intense drive with super expensive parking at the end of it.

I’ll take it though. Thousand pound a month nursery fees don’t pay themselves for very long :flushed:


Bike to work scheme. Best idea ever.


Yep get on yer bike

The Tom Penny ‘93 til’ print I won arrived, best protective packaging I’ve ever had for a print.


That’s mad, we pay 170EUR/month for weekday daycare/nursery, so cheap.

Mind you, that’s part of the reason why we moved here

Honestly wait until you see the book. Tom at Santa Rosa is the only photo in the whole thing I’ve seen, and that’s by no means a highlight. The unseen shots of Keenan, Pepe, Harold and literally everybody that made 90s skating so good make it worth whatever it costs.

And rather than be all, “This one took Guy two attempts and it was sunny that day” he’s got other people telling the stories.

It’s what a skateboard book should be. It’s brilliant.


Yeah, looking forward to getting hold of one as it’s finally being released this week! Hyped.

Friday. Was supposed to be today, but definitely Friday now.

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Woo hoo! I just came here to post my first thread…well, not really a thread, just wanted to know if anyone knew when the book would finally surface. Ordered mine back in April and pretty much forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago.I couldn’t get anything out of where I ordered it from . I guess that serves me right for using Book Depository and not giving my custom to Nick at Palomino or Slam or wherever else. Same goes for not getting the skate shop limited edition. Still that’s great news, cheers Build.

Skated yesterday and today, learnt two new tricks, cooked good food, did not drink much booze, drew some shit. Great weekend.


I published my first book - Misspelt Yoof.
You can read a bit about it over at
Otherwise, here’s a quick blurb:

It’s a coming-of-age novel featuring a teenager whose life seems to be spiralling out of control not long after the untimely death of his older brother. The main protagonist gets himself caught up in a dangerous web of violence, drug abuse, infidelity and academic failure. With little to no guidance, his ship is heading for the rocks. Even if expressing how he feels through lyrics and rhyme helps, it’s a chance encounter with an old hobby that looks like it could help him steer clear of the trouble ahead.

If anyone is interested in getting a copy, message me or send an email (see It costs 15EUR including typos.


Would love to support!


Took my Mk2 Fiesta to a matey to get some welding done, so it feels good to finally stop sitting on my hands and saying I’m going to get it sorted.

It takes a big 'ol at side of t’car for me to do it, but it’s a step forward nonetheless.

Oh and these kiwis taste rate nice.

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Step in the right direction. What’s panel availability like the fiestas?

Not too bad actually. My mate who I just took my car to, mentioned that there is one site that sells Ford approved parts, so albeit pricier they’re at least pukka ones.

I did buy a new N/S front wing off Midnight Panels and it was a cheap enough price.

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