Also, one of the kids at school has got me into this guy - such a good flow.
Jeff is all about Potter Payper too.

I’m a G down South, I’m a G up North
You get banged in your mouth for any little talk.

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Went to the local, learned a new trick, had a beers and it’s fajita night.



What was the trick??? Can’t just dangle it like that

Rad! I had a kinda similar day. A curb, a few switch backside 5050s, 2 IPAs and chanterelles in creamy sauce on toasted bread. Autumn is the best season.


Autumn has the best smells as a season

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And the best light and the best colours.

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Aah you guys


2:12, ill kit.

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The Onion was so rad.

“I heard her talking to someone about these great new Boredoms remixes, so I bought the one by U.N.K.L.E.,” Pensacola’s Andy Nichols said. “I don’t even own a single original Boredoms album, but I now have an import remix I paid $30 for.”


Lols. Yeah so good

I’m not sure Mr Autumn man could reconcile Callum Paul tho

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I am Mr Autumn man.

Autumnal activities early this morning, wandering the hills high above the tier 3 plague pits of Lancashire.



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Manic pixie dream girl!

Went skating street with my mates in Glasgow the day. Heavy good. We linked up with a few folk from down south in England who were up skating. They need a Rosetta stone to understand a single word we said all day but it was a good laugh. Sound cunts. Old firm was kicking off so we tried to tell them about the Ra and/or the Queen n that but I don’t think they were too into the whole sectarian thing like folk fae the west of Scotland are into. When I was heading home I saw a wee guy who was paralytic, (pubs are shut here) with hiis face like a burst baw.


Hahaha, awesome.

I recorded Scotland from the Sky on BBC yesterday as I watched it for a second and the accents of some of the guys talking in it were fantastic. Looking forward to watching that.

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Yeah we’re going to know if people are up for grassing their neighbours or not now.

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Nollie back noseslide. I don’t know why I hadn’t learned it earlier but still, pretty hyped.

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i love that trick. they slide so well because you land with your weight on the nose real good


Rad, I bet you could get nollie crooks really easy now too

I’m jealous, i couldn’t never nollie any higher than curb height so I never came close to getting these ha

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