I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with an arse tatt situation quite like that,
I possibly haven’t been looking hard enough.

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Ive never seen an ass-mandala. Just seems weird to get one there. Think its become like a filler now where people just throw them everywhere to fill space

On the subject of arse tattoos Im talking to my mate about doing a full japanese back piece but his condition is we go from neck to the top of the thighs

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So when he bends over it looks like a surprised owl?


Incredibly vivid imagery there

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Holy shit, Nyjah’s arse tats are ridiculous (well, I suppose all his tats are).
Butt tats can be cool on women but look pretty silly on men from what I’ve seen (yeah, we’re all equal etc…).

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Maybe it’s so he remembers how to sit down.

Dora Berczi’s babes are just great.

Talking about ass tats, I love these.

Isn’t literally the only benefit, and whole point of, getting old that you just don’t give a shit what anyone thinks? Therefore tattoos are ideal for the person who intends to get older one day.


Surprised owl.



Yer still like Nike and Adi

Nyjah’s arse

I’m sat right in between krill and everyone else.
Tatts… each to their own, most look shit, some look incredible.
Tatts on me? nah, nothing would ever be good enough, no one could pull off the quality needed for me to want to see it every day and be proud of it.

If it’s on your arse you wouldn’t see it everyday.

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Surprised owl

A thing that’s probably hard to realize until you have tattoos is that they grow on you with time, even if you’re really stoked on them when you get them.

When you get a tattoo, you’re stoked on how it looks, what it represents for you, its personal meaning and shit. Then with time you link it to memories, you remember the day you got it, who you were with, the shit talked about with the tattoo artist, what you were going through at the time, how you first got the idea for it, how the project evolved and things like that.

The design itself is important but there’s more to a tattoo than just that. It’s the process as a whole that’s an interesting experience, but once again I understand this can be hard to imagine if you don’t feel like having any.

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Got his booked in for September. Hopefully going to get one of @franc chickens as a filler on my legs as well. Need to to start balancing out some of the random shit bits with decent stuff.


Totally up for it bruv, hopefully we can make this happen at some point.

Learnt how to hand-poke last week. Well, learnt, let’s say gave it a go! It was very interesting. I want to experience that more and see what technique I prefer.

Got a tattoo from one of my favourite artists yesterday, stoooked.


I’ve got a hand poked booked in for September. Not really sure what the difference is in terms of experience, other than presumably it’s a lot slower than machine? More painful or less?

sorry what are we talking about with hand poked? like those polynesian tattoos with the stick?

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