Meant to be gentler but takes a lot longer

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My friends doing it @franc if thats ok?

I just want chickens!

I have a little handpoke tat from a few years back, its a weird feeling compared to tat gun but it’s less painful

I’d rather do it myself. Somebody once copied my style trying to tattoo a chicken like I draw them, it looked awful and it pissed me off. I’ll do it at some point, I’m sure your mate can get you a rad filler ting soon though. Sorry.

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Forum tattoo party/bbq next time @franc comes over!

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@franc ill wait for you boss!

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:facepunch: :heart:


I better be first on the list because I want those chickens ASAP.

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I got drunken bamboo tattoo under my collarbone years ago when I went to Thailand. I forgot I got it until the next morning when I was putting suncream on and it stung like hell.

Apparently it says “ting tong” which basically means “weirdo” in Thai. But I’ve never found anyone to verify that - the one guy who I asked to translate it for me at the beach didn’t speak much English and I’m not sure if he was just saying that I’m a weirdo or because that’s actually what it says.

My girlfriend also has a matching one in the same place. Pretty romantic.

Also, some UKIP mp got in trouble a while back for calling someone a ting tong, so I was a bit nervous that I might be walking around with a racist slur on me, but I don’t think it is really. It could be something completely horrendous but that doesn’t matter because I don’t live in Thailand and nobody can read it. It’s a really shit tatto but I like it.


I have a small set of 1’s and 0’s on my upper arm. Bang them into a binary to ascii converter and it returns ‘Mike’. 20 years on it looks, and is, a shit tat but fuck it :rofl:

I have several stick and pokes I did on myself and they are all a bit shit.
Actually the one that says ‘Milhaus’ is done well.

I was sat at the back of one of my lads school award ceremonies and all the mums has summer tops on and every single one had visible tatts, on necks, legs, arms etc, mostly words and bullshit slagan positivity. Most were barely readable. All bled out and blurry, no longer black. Just shocking looking. Some can’t be that old as some of the people were not that old.

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Saw a Mum in Morrisons yesterday with her kid and she had a massive weed leaf between her shoulder blades.


there’s been a lot said about the quality of tattoo ink in the last 5 years or so. it’s meant to be massively improved upon what used to be used. it’s thought that it will hold up in the skin much better over a lifetime and not fade/bleed so much but i guess a lot of that is also down to skin care / sun damage anyway

i still think a lot of those ultra detailed micro tatts are going to look a bit blurry eventually

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Awesome. Much better than any eagle that doesn’t mean much or anything generic.

There’s something fascinating/ridiculous/stupid/dope about Westerners getting whatever written in any Asian language on their body.
I kind of want to get something dumb like spring roll or opening hours or even combined harvester in Chinese characters in my skin at some point. People are gonna ask about it and I’ll tell them it means friendship or love or something even cornier.


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