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Kyle Wilson rips


Really enjoyed the Jahmir Brown episode, some interesting comments on Stevie along with a few other mad tales.

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Fuck me the Ryan Smith one that came out today was a very tough listen. I was hyped to listen to this one but jeheeeeeez can this guy rant haha


He made some good points I think but yeah, there was a little too much rambling at times as well.

Been randomly catching up recently. I really enjoyed Ellington’s episode. I’m always surprised by how gracious and eloquent he is.

Jahmir Brown’s was pretty entertaining too. He seems to have real beef with Stevie.

this one has me smiling. Kelly Hart is a big skateboard puppy


Really enjoyable!

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The Wenning bit at the end :joy:

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The new Bunt podcast with Hugo Balek is hilarious. Best skateboarding podcast

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It would be.

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Hugo Ball’ache.

Such a good episode. The scratch card story killed me

So fucking good :joy:

Latest one with Walker Ryan is way better than I expected, hadn’t even seen that Wilshire part either so that made for good post-pod viewing.

Yeah it was surprisingly enjoyable. The stuff he said about skater owned shoe brands was funny!

Yeah I guess he’s still hurting a bit on that side!

Enjoying this one so far, she seems like such a skate nerd in a really good way.

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(Mike Maldonado)

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“East Coast powerhouse”.

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