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Had a chat with a work mate having the exact same issues today.

My PC is connected by ethernet cable and it’s the only thing that uses the VPN.

I just ran a speed test and got 210 mbps while the VPN was running. Then opened utorrent and ran it again immediately, it’s now 1mpbs. Seems either utorrent is fucking up my connection speed which doesn’t sound right, or my ISP is on to me and throttling my speed when they recognise a certain type of activity.

this, Virgin started doing it years and years ago

Ah I’m on virgin, they must have only just cracked on to me. Cheers

Mellow price…

Well, don’t install Big Sur if you expect your external monitor to keep working.

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Or your printer/scanner.

I’m having the same issues.
I’ve been meaning to replace this printer for a decade, as it is kind of fucked. But for my one thing I print every 2 months, it seems silly.

I’m running Mac Os Big Sur 11.1 and since it updated a while ago it no longer recognises my HP Envy 7640 printer/scanner.

I’ve tried trouble shooting it and it looks like it’s a personal riff between HP and Apple who don’t like each other. Cheers guys.

Anybody going to get the SpaceX internet? In my area mid-2021, it says.

I watched at the satellites fly over my house but don’t know much about it.

Quick look and the beta will be available this year

Mbps seem low, I know that’s beta though

It gave me a quote

I have Hyperoptic and it’s £22 per month. Seems expensive?

Yeah I think so really especially when most optics now are like 500mbps. Unless I’m missing something massive

Just had an email about it as I signed for the beta.
89 quid a month and about 500 quid for the equipment though. Oof.

Just spotted your screenshot above…was about to do the same.

Router is pretty big too and if it’s not happy in your house, you have to buy a roof mount.

Seems like some daft bint in the US will claim this is just a front for another Jewish space laser.

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