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If you’re using standard html tags when you paste the video from YouTube into wherever you’re adding it (should just be the body of the text edit area?) you should be able to change the width to 100% (and then remove the height tag). Shouldnt need to use css. It looks like the embedded video has a fixed width that’s larger than the frame on mobile?

So it could be something like <video widthequals100%> ’url here’ <\video>

I’m not a coder tho so please someone with more knowledge chime in.

Edit. I’ve typed equals so the forum doesn’t think it’s actual html, so use an = sign instead of the word

Longshot I know but does anyone have a paid sparktoro account? (or know a way of generating a list of urls similar to a particular website).

Tried that and it’s gash.

This is pretty cool

Just found out one of my accounts got pwned… Got an email with one of my password as the subject line, with some threats to pay them in bitcoin or else.

It’s all bullshit, apparently it’s a common scam. But I recommend everyone check their accounts on haveibeenpwned. I’m changing all my passwords to unique random strings just to be safe.

Seems like there’s been some major breaches recently.

ha that’s nuts! proper tor stuff.

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Did it say you’ve been watching pron and they caught you on webcam? lol

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Yep hahhaha

Something like send me 4k to this BTC address or I’ll send it to all your Facebook and Messenger contacts. Jokes on them, I don’t use either!

Maybe just in case it’s real I should just send a dick pick to everyone I know. Just to get ahead of it


I know it’s highly unlikely, but I have bluetac over my computer camera for this very reason

also had that email a few times but i’ve had a little patch of duct tape over mine for years so jokes on them

Anyone any good at custom CSS?

Just have one job to do and everytime I try and put the code in it just fucks up.

This is what I’m doing. I don;t have the exact theme.scss fil, but have a theme.css which should be the same …

custom CSS yes, Shopify no. I skipped through that video a bit but it looks like he’s uploading custom assets and then linking them in through the css.

Have you got your font in the required format, uploaded it?
Or is it at a URL, does Shopify allow calling it cross domain?

His @font-face declaration seems plausible

Did it change the H1 ?
When does it break?

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@nut thats exactly what he’s doing, it doesn’t do anything and I follow the instructions, I upload the font in required format in the assets.

Cross domain?

Doesn’t change H1

As you’ve uploaded the font, cross-domain isn’t applicable here.

I’ve looked at a Shopify site - I’m guessing a bit - but it looks to me that the scss is more significant than we would have hoped. It could be an ordering issue where your edits are processed before the ‘main’ styles. Means any/all of your changes are overwritten at render time.

At this point I would want to know that the font itself was being linked properly and is actually available to the css. Presumably you have the font declaration like this:

@font-face {
  font-family: "the font name";
  font-weight: 400;
  font-style: normal;
  font-display: swap;
  src: (the font file) format("woff2"),
  src: (the font file) format("woff");

So we should be able to define a style that uses the custom font:

.ned_font {
	font-family: "the font name";
    color: red;

(Temporarily setting the color to red would indicate successful application of the style;)

then choose any element in the html and force the new style onto it by adding our class name (eg h1):

<h1 class="mega-title ned_font">ned content</h1>

which should override the default.

@nut yer that’s what Iv got let me try again and I’ll screenshot the code and post it in here.


This is what I ended up with, but its not working – editing the theme.css file in assets.

It’s doing my fucking nut in. Changed line 13516 back to just format woff.

I’m having one more try again another way then I might cry.

are there more assets, is it file naming? edit: @neddy

I see libelsuit-webfont.woff at left but libel_suitregular.woff at right.

Will try that now

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