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Has anyone paid to promote posts on Instagram? I know it already artificially suppresses your reach to make you more likely to pay. I’m worried that if I do it as a one off it will hurt our organic reach in the future as they’ll have us hooked. Any truth to that in anyone’s experience?


Ok so this has worked on the h tags in the screen shot.

But I need to do stuff like this. I know it is a p class, but I don’t want everything p class in that font.

How do i add that?

custom classes I guess.

Can you edit the code for the elements you want to target?
If so, create a new class like above (.ned_font) and add it to the

class="existing classes ned_font"

for the elements you want to change.

If not, can you identify their class names (right click > inspect element)
then add an override to the existing:

.promo-block__heading {
color: red;

edit: default class name has two underscores @neddy

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Oh. This is my actual job.

Yeah organic reach is completely fucked really. To reach people you pretty much have to pay to play.

Try and go through ads manager if you can rather than just hitting the boost post button so you can A/B/C test audiences and/or objectives.

I know it sounds obvious but the objective you select really does what it says on the tin.

Top of the funnel objectives are:

reach/brand awareness - these will spray your ads out to every brian cant. Engagement will be low and cost per click will be high but your cost per 1000 will be super low (like £1.xx ish to reach a 1000 users)

Traffic - this will find people most likely to click on your ad. This traffic I find is quite, quite shit. For example I’m running a campaign now that has over 5k landing page views but a literal handful of conversions. I use it to create retargeting audiences plus a lot of my clients just want traffic and nothing else anyway.

If you have the pixel installed on your site optimise for landing page views on the ad set level.

Engagement ads - possibly what you’re after? Creating a post to gather social proof? Careful using a video ad if you select this as it counts 2 second video views as ‘engagement’ (iirc).

It’s not obvious this but during the ad creation process at the ad level you can select an existing post rather than creating an ad. This is how you would boost an existing post. An ad you create would be fresh (no likes comments etc)

If you run insta ads make sure you have the fb pixel installed on your site first.

One thing to know is the new ios14.5 changes have been huge. You can’t really trust the reporting in ads manager much anymore because a lot of it is estimated and its harder to create retargeting audiences because they are all so much smaller.

Because if this make sure you set up UTM parameters on the ad to track stuff through analytics. This isn’t as scary as it sounds. There’s a little form you can fill in on the ad creation screen.

But no…running ads shouldn’t have any impact on your existing organic reach. If you run ads you will probably gather a few new page followers so it can bump your organic reach a tiny bit after.

I think the last post I boosted for client had like 99.5% of its reach through paid and 0.5% through the organic reach it would’ve had normally.

If you even think you might run facebook/insta ads in the future, install a pixel on it today. It tracks all traffic on your site so the sooner you have it the more data you can use to create audiences in the future.


Here’s an example:

It’s pretty obvious which ones got boosted! They weren’t that much either. Both were 70 quid I think…

You can see one I just hit the boost button because I had to do it in 10 minutes but the other one I went through ads manger so I could do it properly.

You can see how shocking the organic reach is normally.

@Les_Zeppelin we are about to start some Facebook ad’s today to drive sales for 3 specific products. Any recommendations?

Literally needs to drive purchase on low value items, £15-45.

It’s quite a bad look though. I mean, it’s obvious the likes have been paid for. When you see some companies (or former UK skateboarders) with shitloads of followers and absolutely no engagement it’s obvious they’ve just paid for follows.

I guess if it’s an important post, an announcement or something, it makes sense.


Hmm very tough that. I think you need to use retargeting audiences only.

You can create an audience for people who have visited those product page urls only.

Trouble is traffic is going to be brutally small so you either need to find a way of driving traffic to those urls through other means or using a top of funnel traffic campaign to build an audience.

Try setting your conversion budgets super low to start with (like £5 - £10 a day).

You need to give fb data (called events - ‘see content’ , ‘add to cart’ , ‘add payment info’ and ‘purchase’ ) before you running conversion ads.

You might need to take a short term hit to build your audiences up first with a long term strategy of selling higher ticket price stuff down the line?

I think you also might need to create dynamic remarketing which isn’t something I’ve done yet sorry.

Don’t use general interest audiences because I think that would be pissing money away.

If you have existing customers you can upload them as an audience and create a few lookalike audiences. When you create a lookalike you can make a few different percentages at the same time.

Try a 1%, a 2-5% and a 10% which you layer with additional interest targeting.

You can try sending traffic to your product pages with these audiences and see what happens. No one is going to see an ad on fb and just buy something through so you need to sit down and work out how your funnel is going to work.

Also remeber to leave fb do it’s thing for about 7 days because it learns over time.

Also make sure you set up the pixel right and pull in sales value and shit which I think is automatic with shopify (an absolute living nightmare for bespoke ecom).

Good luck. Fb ads are tough.

Yep, but that’s when you buy empty likes from a click farm on fiverr.

You can run a page like campaign in fb ads actually but that will put your ad in front of ‘real people’. Never done it myself but it’s the legit way of bumping your page like numbers up if you’re that way inclined.

Fb groups are apparently where the money is at on FB.

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Or just post good shit.


Or that.


Thanks Les, very insightful. I wasn’t thinking of anything that complex but that’s all good to know. Basically now we get enough interaction on IG organically, people seem to hear about stuff we post enough to not bother paying for anything. But we’re running a few specific things in the summer that we might want to make sure more people know about. I just didn’t want to get stuck under the thumb and have a couple of promoted posts negatively impact our reach in the future. We want to reach people local to the area as it’s just promoting things we’re doing here in the skatepark.

Facebook is a whole different story, we literally get about 3 likes per post on there nobody sees anything, but fuck them Insta does the job.

Shout out to @Les_Zeppelin for being probably the most helpful forumer ever

Big up Les!


So does anyone know much about 301 redirects?

What do you wanna know?

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How to do them correctly. I have an app in Shopify but it’s asking for path and then target.

Do I use the full old URL and the full new URL.

I change the DNS settings on our domain next week to point from an old Wordpress Store to a new Shopify one.


Probably just the path, although you can just experiment. Just add a test one and check the behaviour

Also I imagine they will validate the expected format or have good documentation

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