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I’m trying to do two things really:

  • the batch conversion is because I have tons and tons of logged files from '99-'07 which were all captured on a PC as AVI files. After that, it was all MAC. I want to just be able to grab them to make insta clips, etc.
    I’ve also been asked for exports from some old videos I’ve done - but because of music clearance, I need to remove the songs. I actually have a ton of old project files so I can relink the clips, mute the audio and re-export. Simple. Except I can’t relink anything which is AVI because…64 bit. Ugh.

The other thing I’ve been doing (and this is separate, really) is like Ciaran, I have been relogging old tapes. Sorta.
I basically grab my old laptop and record the entire DV tape and then chop it down afterwards. 12-14gb per DV tape and I’m finding lots of cool random bits on them…
It’s only up until about 2002 where timecode breaks exist. After that, its a pretty solid deal. Thank fuck. I can’t capture entire tapes unattended if there are those breaks as I need to press ‘capture’ again each time.
But that laptop I was using to do that is dead now, I think.

Maybe I just need to buy an old macbook and just use that for conversion, too.

What is the spec you need for the MacBook? Karri has an old one kicking around I think it has firewaire, you can have it but it is fucking ancient

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If it has FireWire, the spec is probably great.
It just needs to be able to capture DV, which is like 2005 era at worst.

That would be amazing if you can hook it up.

I also have all those mags I need to drop to your mums. Been next to my front door since Covid started.

That’s a clever hack, nice one!

Yep, similar deal with the broken timecode. Eventually worked out what not to do, often by recording over the entire tape with the lens cap on before I used it to give me an hour of clean timecode.

Haven’t tried this yet, despite having the cables -
Cam → FW400 cable → FW 400/800 adaptor → FW800/Thunderbolt cable → 2016 MBP. Might work?

I’ve got a digital to Analogue convertor. I could run the cam through that via RCA and then out of that, firewire…that would sort timecode issues. If that is what you are referring to.
…but to be honest, it’s only 20-30 tapes with those issues anyhow…the remaining 500 or so should be fine.

Or if you are talking about DV capture on a newer MBP, it isn’t the connection which is an issue. It’s the fact that DV capture is just no longer supported at all outside of FCP or iMovie…BUT…you absolutely cannot remove the automated scene detection anymore in either of those programs, which is insane. It means that any flicker or fast movement seems to be seen as a new scene and you lose a second of capture while it cuts and restarts. It’s daft and near impossible to capture some clips with flashes going off, etc.

^ rca would have some quality loss over firewire. again, as much of a pain as it is i still think bootcamping windows and using something like scenalyzer would be the best option. for example you can’t disable scene detection in either of those progs, whereas with scenalyzer:

can fine tweak it or straight up disable it if you just want a 60 min avi. if you do get split avi’s, something like avidemux will allow you to combine all the seperate files together into one .avi with no issue.

…but ultimately I don’t want an AVI.

That’s a problem when it comes to bringing a PC into the mix.

I’m hoping this laptop @Spanky has will do the trick.

Losing DV support in MAC 64-bit OS sucks.

Doesn’t that nerdy filming forum still exist? Or is this it now

*edit SkatePerception and yes it’s gone

Don’t h8, m8.

Did I fix that for you?!?


OMG. embrace your inner camera geekery.

I’m kind of curious as to what sort of codec/capturing Mac’s would use to be able to change a DV AVI to MP4 without any transcoding and just swapping containers? I just installed mpeg streamclip on Windows and the demux options are greyed out. Codecs and all that stuff aren’t really my forte but from what I can see the only way to get an mp4 out of mpeg streamclip involves encoding it to mp4, which is exactly what Handbrake would be able to do? Create custom preset in Handbrake, add the files to the queue and set it off which is exactly what I do with all my SD footage as Handbrake offers better deinterlacing options than my editing software.

Apologies if this isn’t really conductive to what you’re trying to do, just curious about it.


It does re-encode? Ok…I didn’t realise that.

But still, the main advantage MpegStreamclip has over handbrake is batch processing.
As I mentioned somewhere above, lining up hundreds of files and having to set export options each time is hours of work.

With MPStreamclip, you drag and drop the lot and set the export filetype once and once only.

doesn’t handbrake have a command line capability for batching up files? In my limited past I am sure I have done this before

assuming we are doing the same thing in mpeg streamclip (import avi, choose export to mp4) then yeah it’s encoding

handbrake neither needs cli or manual export options to do batch processing (that is assuming it’s all same format/res footage which since you said it’s dv im assuming it is). you’d just choose the input folder, add everything to the queue, choose a preset and set it off. i wont lie the user interface/figuring it out is a bit clunky but once you know it, it’s easy and works great.


This was it…the point where I jumped off.

Especially as the re-encoding is 50% of what I need solved. The other part is DV capture to MP4 without splitting files.

I think the best solution is an old Mac running a 32 bit OS.

yeah it’s the one drawback of handbrake, bit of a shitty UI. literally though all you’d do is create a preset for SD footage, do a batch scan, add them all to the queue and set it away.

I think FCP has an ignore timecode breaks option, so could be a shout if Spanky hooks you up with the macbook. I know you mentioned those options don’t work anymore, but maybe if said mbp has an older ver of FCP (or find one online), could work out. Failing that there’s always dubbing the broken timecode to a new tape, but time and cost consuming when it’s 30 of them.

Either way, hope you get it all sorted man.

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Thank you! Yeah, Old FCP had that function…

Much appreciated with all the help.

Anyone know a simple way I can set up a shared folder between two windows PCs? I have a folder on my work PC that I want to be able to access from home. Not using dropbox, onedrive etc, just being able to access the folder and drag files into it.

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