The Contest Thread

Ahhhh… Not the only ideology he was wrong with, then.

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Repurposing a George Bernard Shaw quote.

Not that I imagine for a second that he knew that’s what he was doing. He probably heard someone else do the same thing when talking about baseball or basketball or whatever.


You’re right: GBS said

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing

Then Jay Adam’s did his version.
So Andy Mac was using it third-hand. But it’s a sentiment I really like: older skaters still loving it as much as ever and still pushing their limits years after many other people their age have given up. Or as Tony Hawk puts it, skating till the wheels fall off.

On a similar theme, I quite liked this that ol’ strawberry salad popped on his Insta feed recently.


If anyone is keen it’s shop riot this weekend at Bay . You’ll need to get free spectator tickets from Bay66 website.

I’ll be there judging and not sitting down due to bad back

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Was about to post that. Thread worthy?

Haven’t watched yet but has potential to be a palatable replacement to the old games of skate.

EDIT: Can confirm this is pretty good. Challenge is fun and Gravette’s rad.

Yer just watched all of that Gravette is funny

Not as good as ep 1