The Continually Updated Footage Thread

3 seconds in and muted.


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Get rid of that ‘t’ as well and you’re left with something you’d probably pronounce ‘loser’.

I take it DVS has been sold to some non skater cashin in tools? Lutzka really is a cheap sale, he’d join Revive or Braille if it got him another crack at the whip.


Say what you want but his part in the Almost video was a joke good and he’s done some insane stuff like alley oop fs flip the meanwhile gap.

Yes he’s a kook but not Nyjah or Chaz Ortiz levels.

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stranger selfies (abpos)


Thought that as I watched this and couldn’t help but wonder how it came to this.

That’s what I’m wondering as well, he really shouldn’t be struggling as much as he seems to be.

Pork pie hat syndrome


One for the fashion police thread.

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He makes an interesting case study for how a skate career can take a wrong turn and never recover. He was/is a very very good skateboarder. People sort of forget but mid 00’s he was top tier - didn’t he win Tamp pro like 3 times? He was on Krooked at one point as well.

But he was never cool and it looked like he chased $$$ too much but wasn’t very good at making the right sponsor choices. K-Swiss being one.

Plus, the hat.

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Yep, for a month or so and quit just as it launched. K-Swiss though, jaysus…

My biggest takeaway from that Slutzka video is “Fuck me, DVS still exists.”



Greg Lutzka fan here. His hat never offended me and I was a big fan of his daddy longleg style and his trick selection. That clip was rubbish though.

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Does anyone remember when he was an AM and basically debuted in some Big Brother mags. They were all on tour and the toilet kept blocking in any room he stayed in and it turned out he didn’t quite know how to wipe his arse properly, he used to wrap toilet paper around his hand loads of times and then wipe.

Has changed the way I view him even to this day, alley-oop fs flip Meanwhile Gap or not


This is not how you do it?

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I read or misremembered he get on krooked and like van wastell went round his house and his walls were covered with pics of himself, GL that is.
Phoned up Jim/gonz and was like ‘nah’.

I remember him as an am for Illenium or Beer City getting ads in Thrasher and Slap. He was hot shit before the feodora

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