The Continually Updated Footage Thread

I’ve watched this three times today. Joe’s the best and most humble guy there is.

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Nothing spectacular but a nice watch.

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Well, Chris Ray edited it * shrug emoji *


Have you heard about that JB Gillet dude from France or somewhere?


Haha fair play. A huge mistake from me leaving him out!

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That’s really good.
Think Thackery looks better skating mini.

Good 'ol Tweek (Rhys Meek) put out a new edit of all the muckas the other day.

Featuring: Welsh Tommy, Trend, Dylan Hughes, Jack Branch, Jess Young, Smilne, Nipper, Tweek and my lovely self like.

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Some of this is bonkers…

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love tommy k :heart_eyes:

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That was really sick, although I can’t unsee Thingy from the Inbetweeners.

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man that is fucking grim

He’s got a point.
Pushing your kid to do stuff because you like it is never good.

“Stuff” can mean anything.

I read that Thrasher interview. I dunno…His dad came across okay. Kinda. Bit of a twerp, but definitely not stepping over any line.
I tried to watch this video but it just came across like some bitchy keyboard warrior bullshit. Ended up switching it off…

Is there any footage of his dad acting super pushy? It just looks to me like a very excited version of supportive.
Kinda feel like people are pretty quick to shut down any parent who is excited that their kid is doing shit.

I’m not even trying to argue here. I would really like someone to shut me down.

I know about as much as you which isn’t much but I get the youtuber’s point that egging your kid on to attempt risky spots isn’t wise.
Also, if the kid is being made to skate when he doesn’t care for it then it will only cause a massive knee jerk reaction later down the line. By the the age of 14 he probably won’t want to look at a board let alone ride one. He’ll probably turn to rollerblading.

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