The Continually Updated Footage Thread

think so yeah. that cunt has truly the worst internet presence in existence

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kickflip sean smith gap at reds ain’t no joke !


Is Alex Decunah on Nike? If he is it’s no wonder Gino’s wearing adidas.

And if he’s not, can Nike ask him to stop wearing them? Like how the Rolling Stones has to ask Trump to stop using their tune?


Damn clip with a Tee on.


No idea who this is. Really fucking good.

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It’s Blake Norris mate. Says it in the title of the video.



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Intro was annoying but I gave it a chance only for it to burst into a really horrible song and put me further off the whole thing.
Skating, for the part I watched, didn’t do much for me either.

Skim watched and thought the following:

  • Kids really want to re-live the mid-90s
  • A lot of ollies
  • Could have dropped in from the top of the glass ceiling
  • Pressure flip to lipslide the little fountain gap at EMB. Hmmm?
  • Not a bad part. but felt so similar to everything else these days (90’s vibe, loads of ollies, beanies and bleached jeans, those fucking annoying “OH MY GAAWWWDDD!” guys running after him when he lands his ender…)

If the part is called Julia because it’s the name of his bird then he’s a massive simp.

It might be for Julia Roberts?

I also don’t get the whole “I’m gonna push really fast and far away from the spot”. Savour the moment and chill, mate.

I imagine that @doesntmeanyoushould is preparing multiple posts after that.


It’s the Pfanner video

Cool they used that German song, I sometimes forget that they have non-US riders.
Couple of nice Daan clips in that.
Plus always stoked on Gerwer and Kanfoush footage!

Shall watch if only for Gerwer.
I find him funny and rate his skating.


Joyous! Needed that. Youtube ads are the fucking worst

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