The Continually Updated Footage Thread

Street stuff was decent.

Rad, but noone ever needed to see a fakie frontside shuvit on transition.

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Yep that was definitely one of the worst song choices of all time. Unforgivable.

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I sometimes write takin’ care of business when I post a clip in my stories. Now I know that at least one person gets the reference, hahaha.


I only learned ‘Takin’ Care of Business’ was an Elvis thing when a Christmas temp at work had it tattooed on the entire top half of his arm. Thought he was such a badass with that under his stupid fucking Lambretta t-shirt.


I really like watching Clay, but he is a bit of a mosher.

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Yes this.

Awful fits as well. What was the last mega spin?

This was way more distracting for me than the song. All that loose fabric flapping about, how does it not put you off or slow you down when you’re pulling manoeuvres like that? Just bad aero innit.

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Alley-oop 900

Damn I always run those :roll_eyes:


I’m Backing it.

Good skating, questionable hair.

Also, the song has to be ABD surely?

Seems to have only been in the credits of a Tampa video. Maybe everybody who ever thought to use it (justifiably) thought it must have already been used. That’s weird.


He’s been around for ages, still powering on

Thought I may as well slap this in here also

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Some really good stuff in this new Mic Mac clip, as always.

Gilbert’s raw files clip surprised me, it’s shorter than his actual section in the video! I wanted 45 minutes of him trying manuals.


I got the impression it just showed how consistent he was.

Not my bag but I see what he did there…

Can’t help but think the kid is probably an average skater and the filmer used him to make this weirdness work.

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