The Continually Updated Footage Thread

Haha… are people really trying to compare CK to Tiger Woods?

Pretty easy to see there are a lot of similarities in both their situations.

Yeah, just not in their earning power to Nike unfortunately.

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keen for that aswell, but the listed ‘cast’ looks pretty small considering the teams/people he spent a lot of time with.
Listed as “Ali Boulala, Rune Glifberg, Arto Saari, Ewan Bowman, Dustin Dollin, Kevin “Spanky” Long”

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Interesting one from our very own FG here.
Intense bench discussions.

MOVED to its own thread

Great work there @Farran

Actually - fuck it - I’m making a thread

So good! And that’s the hydrant Natas originally skated right?

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I think I’d last about 15 minutes with this type of crew before I snuck away…

I’d last 15 milliseconds

Has nobody posted this yet? Makes it all look way too easy.


Yeah it is…as someone commmented they should list that as a national monument!

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Some nice crusty ramps too.

Yeah those ramps are so gnarly. He’s been hanging out with the CRV WKD and Forecast crews so plenty of British crust on the menu.

Feels like a good day in the life is a lost art at this point

Watching a guy in badly fitting trousers throw up and sing Kelly Clarkson is not my idea of good quality content

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That Manny part was sick!

Probably going to get bashed for being a middle aged prick but the whole drinking driving no seatbelt thing - and the baseless criticism of the police - makes it a No for me.

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