The Continually Updated Footage Thread


I like an understated ender. Kf manny pressure flip was mad. Top marks

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I miss old BA. Not really sure how to describe current BA’s gear but that look is too much for me

I kind of rate it. Like a Mapplethorpe photo on a skateboard.


I’ll be honest……

Most of that BA part was weak.

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He just seems to be embracing wearing what he wants after probably spending a long time not being able to.

I know he’s just cruising these days but wish he’d take just a couple more pushes.

Edit. Pun not intended


I agree he’s rocking what he wants to and thats cool, and I know he’s getting older and that’s to be expected but a 6’4” dude skating bankles in denim hot pants with dicks tattooed on his legs would be one thing if he was shredding the fuck out of the rest of the stuff but a wobbly line with two average slappies and a load of slow tricks stretched out to 8 minutes makes me agree with @sk8arrog8

Yeah, I mean, you’re right. I wanted to like it more because it’s BA but realistically yes, it should have been trimmed into a nice 2.5 minute part.


I thought it was charming

I still love the lemonheads

Another excellent Cromer part. So solid. The dude never disappoints.

Liked that BA vid. I don’t care about his gear. He’s BA, he can do whatever he wants. He skates crusty dirty Jersey spots with Fred Gall and that’s great.


Brad Cromer is one of my favourites, if I see his name on something I will watch it 100% of the time.

Something I wouldn’t have expected to like was the fakie nosegrind heelflip out. Sounds stinking but it was great. Must be so awkward.


He’s made a lot of shit that sounds wrong on paper look really good over the years. He’s that good.

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The filmer, Paul garr, has been filming a Freddy section also. Fred at the spots BA skates in this are really gonna get me hot under the collar

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That Cromer part was so so good. Even the bailed kickflip was incredible.

Thank you. You’ve made my night. What a joy Brad Cromer is. He always gets it right.

After reading some of the comments about this BA part I was braced for the worst but I’ve got to say that I really really enjoyed that.
To me this communicated more of a sense of freedom, fun, and personal expression than most parts I see nowadays. Also he didn’t skate that slowly, and even when he did it doesn’t matter because his style is BIG SLOW-MOTION ALBATROSS anyway.


Totally. i felt pleasantly surprised. it was just good vibes

Cromer part was great.

Bit slow on the uptake this week but fuck me, what a week…Cromer and Hamilton both A++ gold label top standard shit.

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