The Continually Updated Footage Thread

I counted at least four?

Tits. Started counting around 2 mins or so when I saw that flip 50-50, haha.

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Man Foy is so great. Music was awesome. How the hell does he skate in Florida in trousers and long sleeve. I don’t even skate in the UK winter like that

Jordan Trajan and James Capps pro for Chocolate by all accounts. Here’s some very recent footy…and, yes, I’m aware it’s a collab with a weed accessories company - if that’s something that bothers you just try to forget about it and watch the lovely skateboarding :wink:


Did this get posted?
Only watched the first minute snd there a couple of eye openers already. Kids nowadays: dismount rails into sets of stairs / ollie and ride across grass to skate s flat bar??

Watched the whole thing and it’s sick.
Loads of new spots and rippers I’ve never heard of. Snd roberto aleman still killing it.

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Similarly, did this get posted? Just seen it on YouTube. So sick

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BBQ extension was sick

wow that Iberico video is nuts! some really crazy shit in that. one of those guys (red wheel guy) seems to be riding filmer wheels and goes over any terrain. one of the other guys looks like he’s on a child’s skateboard, the wheelbase look like 12"

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corweeeee i’ll never ever tire of john dilo’s flick

drake johnson is fucking sick, never knew his name before only his insta aha. knew his pop was wild but that emb manny is mindboggling

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Just about to post this too. Can’t get enough of these boys and their euro tech . Banging. Good tunes too on this one .


The thing at 0:49, is that backside salad to switch nosegrind? Is salad a thing anymore? Back 5-0 to switch nose? I want to do that

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Love the un-ashamedly retro/90’s supervision. When other people do it can seem too obvious or corny but makes total sense on these


Was this posted?

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Yep, the whole thing’s banging.

Nicked this from Slap…



Nope, but it’s really good. The Girl/Chocolate new blood, (with the obvious recently kicked of exception), are killing it. I’m looking forward to the upcoming video. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for it.


Bs bigspin bs tailslide fs shove it out is like a modern day Stenger ender.

Halfcab noseslide drop down bs nosegrind revert pop out is pretty nice too.

Salad to fakie salad was horrible. I’ll let it go because there’s a slight pop but its just a backside version of the fs 5-0 to switch crook.

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