The Continually Updated Footage Thread

As much as I enjoyed his bounce it off the block thing at 0.44, Kadow just reminds me of unpleasant people in shopping precincts as a kid. A bit too much glass-someone-in-the-street and head-down-to-watch-Millwall for me to enjoy what he’s doing.
Maybe I’m too old (yes) but I’m just not down with that visible aggression.

Disclaimer: only made it a minute or so in. If he’s all happy and lovable after that, I’ll chalk it off and give it a rewatch.

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To offset the negativity, I really enjoyed Think and Thank. Made me want to go skate (If it wasn’t after midnight, I wasn’t a bit drunk, and 3 stone overweight). Looked like they were having a lot of fun (which is kind of the whole point) and the little skate nerd references are spot on.

Plus I’ll always rate anything with Simon and Garfunkel on the soundtrack…

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That was sick!
His deadpan stare of fury is hilarious.
Good tricks but would never invite him to anything.

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damn that was fucking sick, spot looks absolutely honking. floor looks like reds in mk but even worse :nauseated_face:

this is cringey as fuck, sums up the whole image he’s going for well though

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Didn’t really enjoy anything about the Kadow thing other than the murderer vibe he gives off and even that seems a bit contrived. It’s like when you hear that James Acaster is a totally nice and normal bloke, makes the comedy persona he puts on proper cringe.

That was great, skating, music, everything, gonna rewatch that one for sure

The thing he does with his feet after every trick where he turns them to face forwards really grates on me for some reason. I find it obnoxious and I don’t know why

Fun curb part from Kellen James and Jamie Palmore.


I need to visit that place one day

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Yeah, what a spot.

Always loved Jamie Palmore. Fantastic skateboarder.


Yep and Kellen James is rad. Nice to see a fleeting glimpse of Jimmy Cao, was a fan of his when City were still around.

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That was really good.
He’s the co-founder of that Paccbet thing right?
And owns a shop in Moscow i think.
He rips


Yeah, he had an interview on Jenkem yesterday which was a really good read: THE FUTURE OF SKATEBOARDING IN RUSSIA WITH TOLYA TITAEV - Jenkem Magazine

I like his skating, there’s some really good stuff in there. And he comes across great in that interview which makes me like him more.

However, that part felt very unfinished. Feels like I just watched an early draft of a working project. Mainly it was the amount of b-roll doing it that made the editing feel baggy, like a lot of it was placeholder footage for as-yet-to-be-filmed tricks.

I was going to say his skating isn’t heavy enough to pull off that Nick Cave song but, actually, it definitely is. There just wasn’t enough of it. If half of that b-roll was replaced with skating of that calibre, that part could’ve hit some Kirchart-level dramatic intensity.

On the song note, skating to live track is an odd one. It worked in this – and somewhat excused the amount of b-roll – but there was a moment where you can hear the audience cheer and I was, like, “You’re having someone vicariously cheer for your skating by using this song…” That might sound ridiculous…

Anyway, good balance of gnarly, interesting spots and some well tech shit though – mid-wheelie fakie flip back to wheelie was sick and the switch 180 front 5-0 shove out really surprised me.

Can’t fathom going to film an ender that gnarly and being conscious of documenting it in that choice of footwear though.

I hope this has been a fairly balanced review…


Yeah I agree, the part was really good but that song was far too dramatic for the skating and it didn’t need to be 7 minutes

Also sus that he still does Paccbet with Gosha who basically removed himself from the public eye after a few dodgy allegations from underage teens

Song was pompous. What’s Russian for Jason Dill?


дерьмо брюки


Also two finger flips out of grinds/slides. Have a word.


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