The Continually Updated Footage Thread

Was it Nick Cave?

Sick. Paccbet have been opening up orders to UK shops. Like a reverse Palace kind of deal. Good look for them IMHO.

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Yeah. Ship Song. Live version I think. Part was good but wasn’t ‘epic’ enough for that tune probs.

Title nearly made me not click but I quite liked it, got a bit of Bressol/JB about him.

Like a fine wine!

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I wasn’t a Ragdoll fan when he was about prior to his disappearance from the spotlight but after his Nine Club episode(s) it turns out he’s a super nice dude. I sort of expected a little more from this part but he’s been through the wringer what with bulimia, depression and his one giant bollock problem. It’s cool he’s got something out after all of that shit. He’s back skating and seems stoked so good on him.

I’m such a Casey Foley fan boy. Can’t go wrong with some Morgan Campbell either!


Really enjoyed the Casey Foley stuff!

Some interesting footwear trends on display in this.

This was a bit of a surprise, but of course if this was ever going to used on a skate video it would be on a Magenta edit, where else? haha.

EE’s pressure flip noseslide and last line were so dope.

Yeah that last line was perfectly executed.

Still ripping.


Title of that Luypa section is “vieux loup”, meaning “old wolf”. Definitely fits.

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There it is! Music by the homie @inkke_

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Quite a common expression in French, glad it makes sense over the Channel too.

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UK Revive vlogger, but genuinely enjoyed this:

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