The Continually Updated Footage Thread

That thumbnail guarantees that I won’t.

Edit: Or ‘still’? What’s that called?


He skates exactly how you’d expect a British revive skater to skate


He’s a nice guy irl but….

Come on, that’s blatant taking the piss. It’s Blue Steel!

Bit cringe that’s all

Edit: I can’t be arsed to point them out, have fun but keep your mannys clean if you are in anyway claiming sponsored :wink:

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He could skate a bit faster and lose some of the filler (the no slide front board sex change thing), but it was better than expected

Anyone got a lnk to the skating in the olympics?
Watched the first heat and half of second but broadcaster seitched to something else and went to bed.
Trying not to see and spoilers…

Full final is on the iPlayer.

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Dont have iplayer… In France.

Just watching it, first guy is wearing pink Cariuma’s :nauseated_face:

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Sorry mate. UK based forum. Assumed you were posting from the UK.

Can you not sure a proxy server?

Otherwise, fuck knows…I reckon France would have broadcast it though, what with having two guys in there and being the host nation in 3 years.

Just watched it. Actually watching some runs was more enjoyable than the best trick bit.

Do you think there has been any drama with the fact that guy everyone thought would win didn’t even place?

Bah, thought that might be a footage post.

Soz. Boring.

This is rad.

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the pure amount and the standard of footage john dilo puts out is fucking outrageous, bladdy machine

last trick is brutal


That Almost clip was sick.

Dilo is amazing, presuming he is properly on Adidas?

That Kevin guy, switch 270 front board shuv, that was so dope.

This. But no, he isn’t. He’s off adidas and on Lakai.

Edit: in actual fact I think he’s off adidas and buying Lakais.

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