The Continually Updated Footage Thread

That was so good, love the clip of him blunt sliding the ledge then ducking under that rail. Then the following clip of the ride on 5050, with the silver board graphic showing.

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He did two impossibles but made up for that with that cool push-it shove at the end.

Doing 47 tricks is badass but what’s even crazier to me is skating all kinds of obstacles (flatground, transition and ledges but also big rails, hubbas and gaps) for almost 4 hours at his age! What a trooper.


Might try 44 mini ramp tricks on my Bday. Damn, that would be tough.

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Skate your age challenges are the shit!


I’ve got a flatground 34 trick challenge listed on my phone ready for my next birthday. I think I started it for my 30th :joy: I’m having to learn tricks to try and complete it. Annoying.

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Fuck, I’d struggle with 44 flatground tricks, can think of 30 legit ones and then it gets murky.

Might try both on my Bday 44 ramp 44 flat. Expecting to fail ha

It’s all fun and games until you actually try and do it and then have to sit through the footage:

Might see if I can get 4.8 tricks for my 48th :+1:


Could scramble 33 together for my next birthday, but there will be a lot of awful awful shit in there.

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It’s easier than you’d think if you do all the basics. My girlfriend surprised me with a trip to France for my 33rd birthday, I managed to go for a quick skate before leaving, had about an hour. Thought I’d try to get 33 tricks, got them kinda quickly, then kept going and got 66 in 45ish minutes. The beers in the car on our way to Alsace felt so good after that!
All the 180s on flatground is 8, then you do some flip tricks, some basics on transition and you’re already at 25ish pretty quickly. Just go to a place you’re used to and know well so you won’t struggle getting used to it.

Turning 40 next month, we’ll see if I can skate my age again. :man_white_haired:

My Switch Back 1s are not acceptable for public viewing thats for sure.

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Do a switch back 3 then!

Switch fs 3 no worries boss man.

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London based crew video. Enjoyable watch.

44 in a few weeks. No chance I’m getting 44 tricks :laughing:

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