The Cricket Thread

Buttler averaging 32 in test matches after 55 matches, time to bring in Foakes. Better glove man too

Obviously not just Buttler that is to blame, they’re just a better all round side. Better pace bowlers, a world class spinner and Steve Smith and Labuschagne who are world class

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Seeing Warner going for a duck again is the only pleasure left now.

Wtf was that from stokes. 4-0 then. One Jimmy Anderson wicket away from total humiliation. Great.

Good grief. Dreadful.

Jesus christ. Shane Warne. I cannot believe it. Holy shit. No.


That’s terrible, just looked at his instagram and his story is still there paying tribute to Rod Marsh.


Wouldn’t have wanted to bowl how I did if it wasn’t for Warne and my Grandad saying how special he was and how spin bowlers were game changers.

Genuinely gutted.

Will be pouring out a Fosters tonight. Fuck this is so shit.


I stopped watching when they went 4 down.

Just had a look at BBC sport now :eyes:

I still can’t believe Shane Warne is dead. At least he was a legend in his own time and got to shag Elizabeth Hurley. Not a bad life.

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Stokes being made the new captain makes zero sense to me.

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Should post it in the Not Stokes thread.


Bravo @Load :clap::clap::clap:

Yeah same but apart from Root there isnt one other single player with a guaranteed place in the starting 11 so they’re totally stuck for any other options.

Do you make Rory Burns captain??! Fuck no.

I just don’t think they should’ve changed at all.

That is incredible


You can watch the county championship games on Youtube now. Each county will most likely have a youtube channel where it’s streamed live.

I just clapped Root off on my own in my office. Eye wateringly amazing.


I think 2999 is just asking a bit too much, still, you never know.


Root :broken_heart:


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This is just bonkers.

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As soon as Root went I thought England had no chance but this would be good for a one day innings from Bairstow.

This is absolutely unreal hitting in a test match. Savage.

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