The D.I.Y Thread

been meaning to do this for ages but finally bothered last night, didn’t have a wheelbarrow so lined all the mud along the edge to try & make it slightly less bait for the cctv. got a couple insta clips as well :slight_smile:


Always wanted to go there. That’s sick!

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Such a simple idea with maximum results :muscle:t3: Sick!


hit me up if you ever head down, always down to tick some more forumers off the ‘met irl’ list

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Rad! Where is that?

Even worse, I swear it’s not that far from me…id rather drive to buszy than go to a park hence I’ve never been there

Edit - yep it’s an hour and ten minutes away from me and I’ve never been. Yet I’ll drive that far to skate a car park. My priorities are fucked


Northampton :slight_smile:

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Was gonna say Radlands plaza, looks up to the name!


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Don’t think this has been posted, such a picturesque curb spot. Though sliding down the hill every time to retrieve your board must be a right faff.

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