The D.I.Y Thread

Been trying to get a grasp of the NI and Dublin scene, saw that video and a few of the others on the channel! Also been reading the lastest issue of Goblin mag that has some nice DIY bits!

Had my fence done and got these offcuts. Going to (try and) make a my ollie height appropriate curb/ledge out if them.

What do i ask for in B&Q for the metal edge? I’m clueless.

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Angle iron isn’t it?

You want a lend of my pressure washer while we’re at it?


It’s mainly sawdust from the fence so I’ll let nature scatter it over the next few months.

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Got a DIY question, I cradled a 7ft long pipe in a wood base and it’s gonna be fun to skate but there’s some nails sticking out of it. I can’t pull the nails out of the wood as they’re big and firmly stuck in. Can you use a metal saw to cut them down? Thanks

Yeah you could try and use a hack saw or grinder, then smack the nails with a hammer to make sure no pointy bits are left sticking out.

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Thanks man, will try that

Have you got a drill?
How far are the screws sticking out?
You can open the Chuck and drop it over the screw like a drill bit. Tighten it up and reverse it out .

It’s what I do for Fucked screws .

It means you can get the whole thing out and no angle grinders/hack saws


Thanks, I can borrow a drill. It’s a nail though, rather than a screw, maybe that could work though?

Doh! I need to read posts better.
Thought it was a screw.

Saying that , you never know , could actually be worth a shot

This is a good idea. I’ve gripped the screw head in a vice and spun the wood off before, but only smaller bits.