The D.I.Y Thread

I think @Chopper has already said this but i can’t find it.

If I have a grindbox that’s 2400mm long, what type of steel do I need to order for it? Is there somewhere that can cut it to size? Currently getting lost in builder merchant websites.

Actually…found it:

Going to be 55 quid. Hmm… along with the cost of the big screws im going to need and the sheet of ply I may as well buy a premade grind box.

Don’t be stingy. Skating a grind box you built is very satisfying. Tart it up if you’re feeling creative!

Thinking about building a portable manny pad. It’ll have to be small enough to fit in my car though. Hhmmm.


Premade ones are all awful :+1:


Fuck that man make it yourself

The process is part of the joy


I’ve screwed two massive fenceposts together with massive screws.

They’ve been in my garage for 2 years and had warped way more than I realised.

I figured out how to wedge them together and I’ve been admiring my handywork for a good 25 minutes. Buzzing! The satisfaction is massive.

Now I’ve done this bit I can get on with the next bits.

The idea of drilling through metal is filling me with dread. I’m so shit at this stuff.


what bit about drilling through metal is the issue? make sure you use metal drill bits. use a teeny tiny one to make a pilot hole. then use the one you actually want to use. you’re gonna be fine. you got this.

the only truly scary power tools are belt sanders. awful fucking things.


Well drilling in general tbh. Me and DIY just dont go together. I had a meltdown once trying to put a curtain rail up.

I got a metal countersink bit for the coping. Hope it works.

I feel your pain, I’m truly next-level awful at anything DIY.

One of the prongs (handles? arms?) of the kitchen sink taps came off earlier.

I have no idea how to fix it it. Tried plumbers tape (that a plumber once left behind, not something I would own - or even know what it was - otherwise) and when that didn’t work I just gave in…


Like @nazoreth drill a pilot hole first. Do it in stages if you have to. And mark the hole with a centre punch to stop the drill bit wondering to begin with.


Ok major tip here when drilling metal , have your drill set on the lowest speed . Drilling metal at high speeds causes too much friction and will burn and blunt the drill bit in seconds .
So if you have a drill with speed 1 and 2 , you want it on one and don’t have it at full power on the trigger .
Also use some wd40 as lube on the hole. This helps cut and keep the temperature down .
This also is the same for your countersink.

If you hear a high pitched squeal and it’s not drilling through the metal it means a your bit or countersink has burned out and blunted . But that’s usually because it’s been at full drill speed .


This is so good.

Do you just screw on the top or the sides as well?

I was thinking 4 even spaced holes on the top?

this is a grind box right? i’d just do the top. are you going to sink the piece of metal into the wood at all have it sitting proud of the surface sort of thing?

The most terrifying tool in my experience is a flush trim router bit. It scares the piss out of me. Never felt closer to losing my fingers than with one of those

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Routers can be scary yep! I have done some fiddly things with chop saws because of laziness and have to remind myself every time to stop being a dick and do it properly. When a piece of wood snags it can shit you up a treat.

What length is it ? If it’s an 8ft ledge I usually have 5 hole spaced approx 1ft apart . 1st and 5th hole 25mm in from the ends of the metal .


Handheld routers don’t bother me , but table routers can be intimidating as Arkwrights till in Open all hours . Fucking amount of people I know who’ve lost tips of fingers cos of them.

The worst can be chop saws and those kick back with certain wood or acrylic. Those things can send shit through the air at ridiculous speeds .


Routers are fine if they’re the two handle ones, then you can hold them steady. The single handled ones are fucking impossible to control

I’ve grip filled the angle iron on my ledge. I did screw it in place while the glue set for a week. been solid so far (Skated it once in 2 years).:frowning:


Ive got a upcut flush trim bit for my table router and its terrifying

Jointer is the only tool that scares me these days, saw a finger get deleted before.

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