The Travel Thread

I’m staying near that Coll Blanc downhill spot, the best spot I’ve ever skated, kinda wanna make a pilgrimage but not sure my daughter will understand that Kenny Anderson did a really good bs powerslide there…

She’ll appreciate it when she’s older.


Yo, how long you staying for?

The T-10 Metro ticket is like 9Euro for 10 journeys and you and the nipper can share it.

Between Nou Camp and Sants, thats a pretty big distance!

Hey folks. Im off to Paris with some friends next week, and a couple of us are taking boards. Staying in Marais, and looking for some street spot recommendations if anyone can help? Any other tips appreciated too!

We can make my way to Republique petty easy, but know nothing from there.


Check the drinks prices on the menu before you order. There are plenty of €4-5 a pint happy hour spots you can find but if you order a randomly at a cafe you can get stung quite badly. Sorry no skate advice (le dome?), booze only.


Bercy night sesh was always dope, it’s lit up all night.


Paris isn’t my favourite of places tbh but always meant to check out Pacific Vintage, just to wonder how the hell a shop can survive selling only vintage skate stuff, sounds so unlikely

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Thanks man! I found a great app called MrGoodBeer which has local happy hours on it and a map to show you the best spots. Well worth a download if anyone else is heading there.

I’ll give Bercy a go if needs be. Hoping for half decent weather now!

I always thought this looked fun >

I had a steak in a restaurant called Flesh which was pretty amazing

Goes to France, orders a steak…

Haha! Boeuf charolais is really good.

What’s wrong with that? It’s a steak restaurant!

Why not try something more typically French?
Look at me, I get curries all the time when in London!

Has anyone been to, they only do steak and chips it’s fucking amazing

Some of my favourite street spots (mainly West, because that’s where I lived)

Bastille Square (3 stair and usually some obstacles around)
Blvd Richard Lenoir (on way to Bastille. Loads of low marble benches)
Small skatepark at Quai JeanMapes is a fun warm up
Passerelle Simone De Beauvoir (near Bercy, by the river. Couple of wallie spots, benches and a mile of low flat bars)
Place Leon Blume ledges outside the Town Hall.

That was 6 years ago, but I think all the spots are still good. Depends what kind of thing you’re looking to skate.

Off to New Zealand to drive around in a camper van by myself with no set agenda for a week.

Cannot wait.


That sounds amazing. I could do with an adventure/break away on my own right now.
Love my family obv but need to de-something or other.

On a train to Essex, hope weathers good, can’t wait to hit the beach!

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I was taken there by a Parisienne, it’s a very french place. It seemed so to me anyway

Next time I’ll say fuck you, bring on the snails

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