The Travel Thread

Enjoy, take care out on the roads!

Anybody know if you can travel with your trucks and wheels (used) in your hand luggage on a euro flight out of London?

Or will they be confiscated as deadly weapons? Cheers.

always fine for me but tools have been an issue before

Never had trouble. Took a dismantled complete to CPH even.

Anyone ever been to Zadar - Croatia?

I’ve been just for a couple of days during a trip hopping about locations in Croatia. Zadar is beautiful and has lots of history. Jumped about some other islands there which I could write more about if you’re interested - Vis, Bol, Korcula, Hvar.

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Just thinking about a few day trip because of cheap deals. Not sure how I feel about travelling yet, I have been a hermit for so long but i’m careful in normal times so I think it would be nice and not expensive if it falls through

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A friend of mine here is from there, says there’s lots of skatespots around the town.

Went to Pula, up the coast from Zadar, for a couple of days a few years back. Hot as fuck, but good laugh out kayaking, boat trips, cliff jumping, etc. Get a proper pair of beach/sand shoes if you go as the beaches are mostly sharp rocks. Not so heavy with tourists when I was there, but there was a big techno festival planned for the following weekend.

Anyone know if you can skate the transport museum in Glasgow during the day ? Or would I be better off going to Kelvingrove or something. Should have a few hours to kill this afternoon between boats thought I’d try and get a quick skate in assuming the weather holds.

Just gotta figure out how to get there on public transport from Glasgow Central.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks

You’ll be fine at the Transport during the week. It dries up first because it’s right at the river too. It’s still the school holidays for another week obviously but the side of the Transport will be fine.

Best bet is the low level from Central to Partick. It’s a short, smooth, skate from there.

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Going to be in Dublin on my own for 5 hours tomorrow afternoon. Any suggestions on what to do to waste some time?

There’s no metro or rail to the airport, buses are infrequent due to Covid and traffic in Dublin is woeful, so unless you’re travelling super light, stay in the airport. Occasionally some folks like yourself do take a cab to Malahide about 20 mins away, a small outlying town by the sea to kill some time between flights. Nice for a spot of lunch I guess. Swords is a big commuter town between Malahide and the airport, just avoid it. If you do head to Malahide, expect long delays at security. I flew out of there a few weeks ago and it seemed like the crowds just appeared suddenly from nowhere.

If you haven’t sorted out your seat on the plane yet, sit on the left window side if you can, you get great views over the city if you’re flying in from the UK/EU over the Irish sea/Dublin Bay.

Thanks, should have clarified it’s not a layover. Visiting with friends for a few days but I’m arriving earlier than them. Was going to head towards where we’re staying and find something to do round there. I assumed there’d be trains lol.

On the right window I think, but same on the way back so hopefully I’ll get the views then.

I’d put the Guinness theory to the test, it’s supposed to be much better as it’s not traveled by boat . Try in various pubs to make sure .


I tried one in the Guinness brewery and it was the best pint of Guinness I’ve eve had, but I’m pretty sure it’s just because I was enjoying being in the Guinness brewery so much.


Stockholm syndrome


Airport trains is a fair assumption TBH, but that’s an entire lecture series of me ranting about why the Irish government/society in general are shit.

Rathmines is a good spot. There and Ranelagh, the next urban village over, have great bars and restaurants. You can get the Luas (tram) to Ranelagh going south from O Connell St or Stephens Green and walk 10 mins to Rathmines. If you have to kill time in Rathmines, there’s a multiplex cinema in the Swan Centre next to the Travelodge and a jazzier spot called the Stella just over the road.

Camden St (right out of the Travelodge and keep walking for 20 mins), has loads of good food places too, Sova the Vegan Butcher is rad for vegan food, Passion 4 Food do legendary kebabs and Brother Hubbard South on the junction with Harrington Road is famous for brunches. Anseo (On-shuh, Irish for here) is a rad pub, there’s loads on that stretch, Whelans, McDevitts, Bleeding Horse, etc. Just avoid the Wetherspoons there or hang your head in shame.

Camden St joins up with Aungier St which is where High Rollers skate shop is, always worth a visit. Keep going past it and you’re in the city centre. Just don’t go drinking in Temple Bar unless you want to pay €8 a pint.

Depending on what time you have, take a Dart (train - they do exist here, just that they skillfully avoid connecting with airports and ferry terminals) south to Killiney, then walk back and up Killiney Hill, then get lunch/pints in Dalkey or Dun Laoghaire. Or go north to Howth and do the cliff walks. There’s loads of savage seafood restaurants right by the harbour worth checking out too. Boring town though, ha.

No idea if you’re skating here, think the weather forecast is ok for the next few days. If so, I’ll point you toward some spots/parks.

Not sure what the deal is with nightclubs, etc. right now, the government just announced that everywhere would shut by midnight due to Covid, which is total bollocks, but they don’t do common sense.

Ended up on a last minute work trip to the states, covering staff that are taking time for Thanksgiving off.

Will have a couple of spare days in New York and Vegas if anyone has some tips of places to mooch about, eat good food and spend loads of cash on clothes and shoes. Cheers duck.

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