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I found this


873s look like exactly what I’m after, but I just know I’ll try them on with 0% body fat frame and they’ll be like parachutes.

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Go for 873 I’m a skinny lanky brian cant and have 872s, which I like but have now moved to a bigger size but different brand and would say they’re similar to the pic.

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Wicked, just ordered some of those. Cheers

I have a pair of 8 year old 874’s and they’re simply awesome, perfect looseness. I’m unfortunately too fat in the waist for my other pairs at the moment!

Vans pro glide chinos are also nice and comfy, look in the outlet and there’s 20% discount codes knocking around. A thread on mine looks to have been caught in the washing machine so they’re ruined before I’ve worn them outside. Not convinced that’s a good omen for durability I’m afraid :-1:

How do you find the older Dickies compare?
I swear the material is now sightly thinner on the newer pairs that I own.

I’ve not seen/felt any newer pairs tbh. The three pairs left I bought from the US but they were good value for money at the time. They were made in Honduras if that makes any difference!


Sorry to derail Trou Chat but you’ve been to Honduras? I got stuck in San Pedro Sula once for a week with a cancelled credit card and no access to cash whilst I was waiting for a mate to land in Central America. Not a city for the faint hearted, arf!

Haha, no mate, Made in Honduras. Just realised I’d missed a word doh

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Watch this. Ben’s a bit slim.

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This made me laugh

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Dickies confirmed husky boy brand.

Keggs update - 873s arrived and as someone else said, they basically stand up on their own. There’s a proper old man crease down them as well, makes them look a bit flared. Might be in my head though, as I’m so used to “skinny-ish” trousers. Gonna give them a wash before I wear them I think.

Will keep you all posted of any developments and provide an impartial review post-laundry.

If there are issues with how the leg is, it’s always worth going to a tailor to see what they can do. I detest having any flare in my trousers and any which I’ve ordered online and that were too flared or too bunchy they’ve fixed it up.

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