The Trouser Thread

Ah yeah possibly, thats just my first thought in that place.

What is the general difference between Wip and regular Carhart in terms of quality? Obviously fittings and looks change with Wip as it’s more fashion orientated but in terms of manufacturing quality, is it the same?

The actual workwear could stop a bullet. Totally different. Too much for regular wear, for me, which is a shame because of the builders’ merchants that sell it around here.

So none of the stuff that’ll protect you from falling trees and flying bricks here just now, more WIP-looking stuff.

I’d never actually wear anything taht had ‘Carhartt’ printed on it so some of this stuff is quite appealing.

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Carharrt here is still regarded as work wear so it’s dirt cheap.

@judithpriest I used to date a buyer at TK Maxx, she said the factories for example stick CK boxers in different packaging but they are exactly the same. But cost way less than the posh retail ones. And the majority of gear in there is made specifically to be sold in tk maxx, so if you think you’re buying a bargain, you probably aren’t. Well, you are, kind of, but you’re not. Sort of.


Hadn’t come across this brand before, elastic waist is what I’ve been after for ages so might well give these a try

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I buy the workwear pocket T’s instead of the WIP T’s now.
The workwear ones are a thicker material, and the fit is a lot bigger and boxier (which I prefer)
WIP tends to fit a lot slimmer, and is made out of softer/slimmer cotton.

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I much prefer thicker, boxier tees (like the Uniqlo U) so this might be good. I’ve had a couple of Carharrt t’s in the past and while they were good quality, they felt a bit too thin.
Personal preference I guess

O.G. Lakeland from Costco were perfect. In the last couple years material has got thinnerand cut has gotten larger. Still, 6 tees for £16 odd quid is still amazing.

Shout out to ma Costco fam

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Costco cords on right now!

I like cords but couldn’t skate in them. They rip ridiculously easily if you slam.

Could you roll a marble down an entire leg length of a corduroy groove?
Or are they more fine than that?

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A corduroy groove is called a wale.


Way too fine to roll a marble down nowadays but in the mid 90s I had a big phase of buying dead fatman cords from charity shops which were nearly always big “wales”.
I kinda miss those days.

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Surprised this account hasn’t been posted in the thread already.

I like how they say what a great fit to everyone featured, and there is always some dweeb in the comments who goes “actually I think you’ll find it doesn’t fit properly, blah blah blah, I’m a boring cunt, who has to put other people down”

Thought it had been. @jamjar posted it somethere in the last couple of days. Great account.

Anyone else seen the split waves by welcome skateboards…and then get pissed off the max waist size is 36 inches?

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