The TV Thread

Absolutely mental.


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Joe exotics song ‘Here Kitty Kitty’ was a stand out for us. The whole thing is comedy gold with the way it’s edited. That Doc Antle is such a creepy fuck too. I keep imagining Will Farrell playing his character in the alternate reality film of it.

Smashed it all last night.
About one episode too long but still amazing.
Worth it for the fashion advice alone.

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Didn’t Louis Theroux do an episode featuring Joe Exotic one time?

That’s the one

Just seen that Disney+ has a seven day free trial, think I’ll be watching Mandalorian later then!

Blitz season seven of Brooklyn Nine-Nine last night… fast running out of things to watch, which could be cool as I’ll dip into things maybe I wouldn’t have before.

Contagion is about to start on ITV2 if you really want to cheer yourself up while on lockdown, oof.

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Yeah perfect. The mrs might spontaneously combust

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Is yours still well anxious? Mines going mental. Got BBC news on 24/7 and keeps refreshing the death toll website.

She also burst into tears during the big clap at 8pm.

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Yeah, I watch the news more than her tbh but she’s medium risk cos of the immune things she takes, and is pro at looking symptoms or conditions up online and going straight to the worst case scenario. She’s super tough with it it’s the worry of what happens if either of us get it and looking after the kids

I wish mine didn’t know what google was. She told me I couldn’t eat an ice cream because cold stuff helps the virus get into your system.

It’s a good job she’s lovely :joy:.


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