The TV Thread

Ted Lasso is pretty funny, I’ve been really enjoying that recently. And the Morning Show was also really good - if it was in HBO everyone would be talking about it. There’s a film on it with Sam L Jackson and what’s his face from the Avengers which was also enjoyable.

There’s not much on it, but what is on it seems to be of a high quality.

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Watching Challenger on Netflix.
I remember the event interrupting a kid aimed tv game show that I was watching.
The interruption was a newsflash about this incident.
I was 10.

I remember that day really well too. I was 13

Can you remember the program it might have interrupted?
It was like a really early dungeon master but based in space.
Featured an aggressive shivering plant.
The last level, they were blindfold and had to take diagonal steps across a virtual board to reach the other side.
The end boss was invisible.


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But not that.
That was the dungeon master similarity.
It was earlier and based in space

No not on the day I remember just watching it live on the TV and it happening. Definitely remember the show you’re talking about though - deep in memory banks

That’s gonna do my head in now

They were vocally guided by their team members.

Oh The Vortex… right? That show used to scare me as they’d just die in space, which is strange as the Challenger disaster interrupted it… oof.


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That’s the one I’m thinking of

Yup. @voodoo thats it

It was the final episode and then it went off to be replaced by the Challenger incident.

4 channels of TV at the time.

Channel 4 was what, 1982, about the same time as the introduction of the hexagonal 20 pence piece.

I’m now watching the Challenger thing

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The Adventure Game, it was a BBC thing, the only other thing I remember about it is that Johnny Ball was on it and figured out all the random tasks they had to do.

I’m sure that when they got disintegrated by the Vortex they’d end up at a space bus stop.

can’t get an apple tv app on android tv obviously, so I’ll just watch apple tv content on Kodi then.

Adventure Game was terrifying. It made it look like the people actually died when they stepped on the wrong tile.

And that plant wouldn’t be allowed on TV now.

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A note about Adventure game from Wikipedia.
Can’t believe that I remember that so clearly.
This is great

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I love how the title sounds like a zany sit com.

man, I loved and was weirded by The adventure game. That end game on the vortex thing was harrowing. Moira Stewart was in it too I think.

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