The TV Thread

Anyone watched Comey Rules?

Obviously it can’t be completely factual but it’s quite interesting.

Oh I loved that.
I thought it was supposed to be pretty much all factual though?

Yeah it was really good! It was meant to be based on Jim Comedy’s book after being sacked so like all these things it’s opinions based. Obviously being completely negative opinions on Trump I tend to agree and believe it all.

Has anyone seen any of the new Spitting Image? I saw a little clip of it on twitter today, and it was fucking dogshit. I didn’t have high hopes, but seems like it is so much worse than my lowest expectations.

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Billie Eilish was really good, and it was cool that they had that sort of person on it, but maybe they made the puppet when she was briefly huge, and now have to stick with it. The rest looked pretty stupid.

Like the difference between Greg Daniels era Simpsons and Mike Scully era Simpsons.

If they can’t think of a joke (which is often) they just get one puppet to hit the other to end the sketch. UK TV won’t spend the money like the U.S for the amount of writers it would need to be on the money every week for a project like that.

Trump gone and 5 gold rings is back on tonight. 2020 is on the comeback.

Downloaded the app to play along too.

Queens Gambit on Netflix is well good.

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Yeah really enjoyed that

Been really looking forward to this. 9pm tonight

BBC1 seems to be totally fucked

I have no interest at all in the monarchy, however just like the last three, season four of The Crown is fucking brilliant!


Binged it yesterday- really good. Esp being from a time you can remember. Gillian Anderson does a great Thatcher

Yeah she nailed it! I was sceptical when I heard she’d be doing it but it was spot on.

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Notes on Blindness was pretty amazing
The Source Family - another cult docu but a good watch

just watched the episode where she’s giving the queen shit in their breifing.
the queen?! i was livid.
was so releived when i remembered she’s dead.


Anyone watched Succession? It’s a US comedy drama on HBO but it’s made by the same person who created Peep Show, I’m only a few episodes in and it’s great so far.

I’m watching it on Now TV but apparently there’s only 17 days left to watch it

It’s hilarious but as you would expect from a family that own a massive media conglomerate, they’re all utterly dreadful people

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Easily in my top 3 shows of all time and there’s only been two seasons.

Really fucking funny!

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