The TV Thread

Anyone watched Wandavision yet?

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Yeah, interestin.
It’s not just for fans of bewitched either, obvs something going on. Be interesting to see how it goes.

Going to start it next week. Trying to pace things, so everything doesn’t get rinsed to fast in lockdown. I had just the see the ‘Bewitched’ type clips, but then I saw an ad by accident where it showed a bit more, almost a ‘Pleasantville’ vibe going on. Hopefully it’ll be good.

Yeah watched both episodes today, I really like it. No idea where it’s going.

Yeah, the first one was a little hard work. A few more bits thrown into the second one. It will be interesting to see whether it can get going before the 50s sitcom thing gets too annoying.

Queens Gambit on Netflix…who knew a chess drama could be exciting?! Made me want to learn the game

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There’s a chess thread and we’ve been battling.

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