The TV Thread

Everyone loves wholesome family entertainment around here so I’m proud to say I guessed 100% on I Can See Your Voice last night. All from the initial line up.

LOD - Jumped, and shat on, the shark. Then smeared the shit over the shark a bit more for good measure.

Wow that was an anticlimax!

Love it when you finish a series with ‘oh, k’.

I’m calling it the old duffer is still in charge he was forcing the buckles to send orders in his cell,
James nesbitt faked his own death.

At least it wasn’t as shit as the Game Of Thrones finale I guess

  1. Lost
  2. Got.
  3. This utter dirt tonight.

3rd worst ending ever for me. Dont think anything will ever top Lost though.

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I was personally offended with the GOT ending.

Duty season finale was a major let down to say the least!


Did we ever see James Nesbitt alive? What?
Theres no way thats not been left dangling for another season

Massive let down. Somebody owes me several hours of good TV. Not sure who.

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Shite all the way from the start right until the end.


I guess you’re entitled to an opinion no matter how wrong it is :man_shrugging:

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I’ve been watching some of it with the gf, its mostly pretty silly. Not sure if i rate them for the references to stephen lawrence (a very similar name anyway) or if it’s really bad taste.

Hahaha I’m in the minority I know.

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I’ve enjoyed earlier series - particularly the Lindsay Denton one, and looked forward to watching this but left disappointed.
I get that having Buckles take the fall for it nods towards corruption being systemic and unresolvable, rather than being run by a Kaiser Souza (sp) individual and thus being an individually led thing, but the final episode was dog shit.
Sadly it stank of everything Netflix etc do too - get a successful show then rinse it to death until everyone is disappointed.


Also a maybe bit Netflix-ey in that things are not fully resolved as they kind of make it up as they go along, and need to leave scope for a possible new series, unlike films where there’s a proper beginning middle and end.


Just started watching Bob’s Burgers. No idea why I waited so long, its hilarious


Haha… ITV2 8pm, right? My kids have just discovered it too over the last few weeks. I’ll pay more attention.

Theres 10 seasons on Disney+. Im cracking up at it. If you like Archer itll be right up your street

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